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What Is MRT.exe? & Can You Delete It? Full Guide

MRT.exe 1

What is mrt.Exe?
MRT stands for Microsoft elimination instrument. Although Microsoft refers to it as the windows Malicious software removal instrument.

In step with File.Internet, it can be a Microsoft windows software factor. The mrt.Exe file is without a doubt a main executable employed to run the Microsoft elimination device.

While not a core windows system, File.Net says that you just will have to only dispose of it if it is causing problems.

It was first released in 2005 for the Microsoft windows running process- this free tool is specifically used for contamination scanning.

In step with File.Web, while you permit home windows automatic Updates the Microsoft removal device shall be downloaded and can run on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

They say that it is a supplementary anti-virus utility- it mustn’t change a dedicated anti-virus like Norton or AVG, but it’s most commonly a lightweight tool that does not intent users many issues.

One-of-a-kind Than An Anti-Virus?
The Malicious program removal tool is not going to alternative for an antivirus software application, in keeping with Microsoft.

It can be merely a put up-infection removing software. Therefore, Microsoft tremendously recommends that you install and rent an up to date anti-virus program like AVG or Norton.

The Malicious application removing tool is different from an antivirus product in three fundamental ways:

The tool eliminates most effective specific usual malware. This specific malicious software is a modest subset of all of the malware that exists on the net at present.

The tool eliminates malware from a pc that’s already infected. Antivirus program stops malware from running on a private computer. It’s appreciably more tremendous to stop malware from running on a computer than to do away with it after an illness has occurred.

The instrument concentrates on the detection and elimination of lively malicious software. Lively malware is malicious program that’s right now strolling on the pc. The home windows utility can not do away with malware that’s not jogging. Nevertheless, an anti-virus carrier is ready of doing this mission- there are a bunch of free choices in the marketplace together with Norton and AVG.
What is MRT.Exe And Why Is It causing excessive CPU Load?
The video under provides a high-quality explanation of the MRT.Exe file and also investigates concerns around it making a excessive CPU load:
The video creator says that, indeed, that you may safely delete MRT.Exe.

But he cautions that it will jeopardize your pc’s protection- and must best be executed for those who’ve run into precise troubles with the application.

Is Mrt.Exe a harmful virus / malware / adware file?
Consistent with Microsoft support, when you in finding an mrt.Exe file external of your system32 folder, you must delete it on the grounds that it might be anything malicious.

Finding It
MRT.Exe will be discovered in C:Windowssystem32. If it’s not there, search your entire computer force, making detailed to check the search options to “search method folders, ” “search hidden records and folders,” as well as “search subfolders.”

if you happen to realize MRT.Exe someplace outside of C:Windowssystem32, it possible is malware disguised as the genuine Malicious software removal tool, according to Microsoft aid.

The place ever you become aware of it, delete it. That you may perpetually get a maintain of the up to date version of MRT right here.

Checking Its Log
click on > choose Run and then variety the following string within the Run field after which click adequate


A windows Explorer dialog field will open and also you must a file named mrt.Log. You would very good see an additional file named mrt.Log.Historic, that’s final month’s log file.

Open up mrt.Log with Notepad. You have to detect something just like the next:


Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool v3.19, May 2011

Results Summary:
No infection found.
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool Finished On Wed May 11 01:57:25 2011

Return code: 0 (0x0)

As we’ve seen, unless this file is located outside of your core system folders And this Windows utility is harmless.

If it’s hogging resources- watch the video above to fix it. It’s likely just a temporary surge- but if it isn’t, there are ways to disable this Windows utility.

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