God of War Update 1.13 Patch Notes

What’s New in God of War 1.14 Patch Notes? Full Guide

God of War Update 1.13 Patch Notes

God of war update 1.14 PATCH is out with just a few bug fixes that will make enjoying the sport rather less frustrating. Patch 1.14 is the fourth update God of war has obtained given that the game released last Friday. Contrary to what the variation numbering would indicate, God of warfare’s initial unlock used to be 1.10, with every update only fixing and adding a couple of things.

God of war update 1.14: What Does the new Patch exchange?
Regrettably, like most PS4 updates, the God of warfare 1.14 patch notes go away loads to be desired. We have now ordinarily the identical information as we needed to go on yesterday, and it looks like this patch is simply to correct minor bugs. It can be a tiny patch, so it’s possible not much used to be changed. The notes from Sony Santa Monica best indicated that God of war 1.14 brings “malicious program fixes and upgrades.” this is truly the go-to copy-and-paste description for PS4 patch notes, and do not fairly inform us some thing.

Update 1.12 brought an option to increase text zoom, and patch 1.Eleven constant a display scaling malicious program that used to be inflicting black bars as an alternative of a full photo on some avid gamers’ tv sets. The one speculation we will make on what update 1.Thirteen brings to God of war is that some avid gamers have mentioned game crashes on PS4 pro given that patch 1.12 got here out. This ultra-modern version of the game would repair the problems those avid gamers had been having.

Future updates for God of war will include a image mode that looks like it is going to work like NVIDIA’s Ansel tech or Uncharted: misplaced Legacy’s picture mode. Really quickly you will have to be ready to stop the motion to take in-game pix from any perspective with a couple of filters.

In keeping with God of war director Cory Barlog, there are not any plans in store for DLC story content material someday, so it’s dubious any future patches will broaden the content of the game. It’s doubtless progress of God of war 5 is in preliminary planning so any future updates will customarily just be worm fixes and basic upkeep.

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What’s New in God of War 1.14 Patch Notes? Full Guide
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