God of War Niflheim guide

Where to Get the Niflheim Travel Rune: God of War Niflheim Cipher Piece Full Locations

God of War Niflheim guide

God of War Niflheim Cipher Piece Locations And Full Guide

The NIFLHEIM CIPHER portions permit you to journey to Niflheim in GOD OF war. While you collect 4 of them, you will get the NIFLHEIM travel RUNE and also obtain the capacity to learn new runes. Upon getting the travel rune, you could take it to the chamber in Tyr’s Temple to liberate NIFLHEIM and go to the new realm in God of War.

Nevertheless, getting your fingers on all the Niflheim Cipher portions is not as handy as walking to a few dot for your map. These cipher fragments are scattered in the course of Midgard, and you can ought to seem cautiously to seek out them.

Where to search out All Niflheim Cipher Piece places in God of War
There are seven chests in God of War that you will see that Niflheim Cipher pieces in, however you only need four to gather the cipher and release the Niflheim travel Rune. Nevertheless, the opposite chests are worth seeking out, even after you place collectively the cipher when you consider that they keep a random enchantment.

1. RUINS OF THE ancient

you’ll be able to find the Ruins of the old in the northwest most a part of the lake. There’s a Soul Devourer ancient here that is usually the strongest variant of the historical minibosses. It’s really now not that tough to beat though, and you’ve possible taken down a reasonable share of Ancients already.

After you’re taking down the historic, seem for a pillar close the cliff. There is a chest next to it with a Niflheim Cipher Piece within.


in the northeast part of the Lake of nine, you’ll be able to find Alfheim Tower. Subsequent to the tower is a seashore you could dock at.

Climb up onto the ledge & then climb up one more ledge on the left. Look down, and you’ll see two pink crystals you could shatter with Shock Arrows. Hit them, and they will blow up the regional rock and open a passageway.

Go via the passageway, and after a short bit, you’ll be able to see a chest. Open the chest to obtain yet another cipher piece.


it’s hard to overlook this one seeing that you need to go proper by it throughout the main story. Upon returning to the Summit after getting Thamur’s Chisel, you can move through the ruins from previous and finally attain a new store run through Sindri as you attain the summit.

In the subject containing Sindri’s keep on the summit, you’ll discover a chest containing a cipher fragment.


Lookout Tower is located within the southern a part of the Lake of 9. There is a seashore there that you can dock at. As soon as you land there, you’ll be able to need to battle some Nightmares, and then you’ll be able to must solve a puzzle.

God of War Niflheim guide


As a part of the story, you’ll be able to have to enter The corridor of Tyr and flip the temple realm journey room to reveal the Jotunheim Tower. There are two chains which preserve the realm room in situation. There is a chain to the proper and a sequence to the left, and you can come to a fork splitting into two paths, one each main to a chain.

In each rooms within the hall of Tyr that include a series, you’ll be able to find a chest containing a Niflheim Cipher Piece. This means that simply on this hall you could get two of the four pieces needed to make the Niflheim journey break. If you aren’t getting these during your time in the hall (I do not know why you wouldn’t seeing that the chests are obvious), you will not be equipped to come later to gather them.


throughout the major story, you must enter the world Serpent to get Mimir’s missing eye. After padding through its gullet for a at the same time, you’ll come to a few wreckage. There are two chests amongst the wreckage. Considered one of them includes Mimir’s eye, and the other involves a cipher piece. You handiest get a chance to enter the world Serpent’s stomach once, so if you don’t get the cipher the first time by way of it is gone for excellent.

Use the Niflheim journey Rune to liberate Niflheim in God of War

nce you gather any four of the seven cipher pieces above you’ll be able to study the Niflheim language. You can also gather the Niflheim travel Rune, which can be used to release the brand new realm. To unlock Niflheim, simply head to the realm journey room at Tyr’s Temple and prompt the mechanism. Kratos will automatically open travel to Niflheim, and that you would be able to go there at your enjoyment.

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Where to Get the Niflheim Travel Rune: God of War Niflheim
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