God of War Muspelheim Cipher a

Where to Get the Muspelheim Travel Rune, God of War Muspelheim Cipher Piece Full Locations Guide

God of War Muspelheim Cipher a

To liberate Muspelheim in God of War, you have to acquire Cipher pieces. When you gather 4 MUSPELHEIM CIPHER pieces, you’ll be able to get the MUSPELHEIM journey RUNE which that you may take to Tyr’s Temple to unlock that realm. However, God of War is not only going to place every piece on your map for you. You’ll be able to need to get available in the market and search if you wish to liberate Muspelheim.

We’ve got bought all Muspelheim Cipher Piece areas in God of War under so as to liberate the journey rune and head to one more realm.

The place to find All Muspelheim Cipher Piece areas in God of War
There are six Muspelheim Cipher portions that may be determined in Midgard and one in Alfheim. Which you can seek these out in any designated order, but you is not going to be ready to get some unless after specific features in the main story.


more than likely this would be the first Cipher you run into in God of war. As you’re heading to The Mountain as a part of the important story, you’ll move through a ruined tower related to Tyr’s Temple through a bridge. After you enter the tower, you’ll take a right and head down a corridor (where you can also be offered to the golf green gasoline dispensers) unless you attain a cave.

You’ll be able to come to a chasm, and you can have to drop down to be equipped to climb as much as the opposite side. At the backside of the gorge, you can see a chest with a gas dispenser local. Freeze the dispenser and open the chest to get a Muspelheim Cipher Piece.


Southeast of Tyr’s Temple you can in finding the Cliffs of the Raven. You can recognize you’re in the correct place when you see the lifeless tremendous on the ground. Hold going across the large, and you’ll see a gap within the cliff face protected with boards. Destroy the boards by way of throwing your ax by way of them, and that you would be able to send Atreus via to discover.

Atreus will grow to be on the ledge with the chain on top of it. Head over to him, and he’ll drop the chain down so Kratos can climb up. When you attain the top of the ledge, you’ll see a chest with a different cipher piece inside of.

God of War Muspelheim Cipher b


You won’t be in a position to reach this cipher in God of war except you have got gotten a ways enough in the story that the waters have receded a second time. Once they’ve, you can head northwest of Tyr’s Temple to seek out the Forgotten Caverns.

Once you have made it to the Forgotten Caverns, it can be convenient to get the cipher. Head proper from the place you dock your boat and climb up the chain. On the top of the ledge to your left, you’ll be able to see the chest containing the Muspelheim Cipher Fragment.


you’ll go this chest for the duration of the early a part of your game, even before you reach the Lake of nine. Nevertheless, until you talk over with Alfheim and receive the Shock Arrows, the area the place this chest is will be inaccessible to you.

Once you do get back from Alfheim, although, you could head back to the Witch’s Cave and enter a few areas that you simply could not throughout your first go back and forth by means of. Take the elevator up from the boat dock, and to the proper, you’ll be able to see World Tree Sap blocking off a passage. Hit it with a Shock Arrow and proceed previous it. A bit down the hall on the left you’ll be able to see the chest containing the Muspelheim Cipher Piece.


After you meet Mimir, that you could head down a collection of steps that lead toward a Mystic Gateway. Just a little prior that on the left is a chest containing a different Muspelheim Ciper.


while you get the travel rune for Alfheim from Freya, which you could travel to the brand new realm. You won’t ought to go too a long way to find this cipher piece. Exit Tyr’s Temple and go the bridge, getting rid of dark Elves as you go. While you attain the end of the bridge and are back on solid floor that you could go right at the fork to seek out this chest.


To get to this chest, the water have to have reduced a 2nd time. After that occasion happens, row over to the small passage at the back of Lookout Tower. You must be competent to discover a set of handholds that you would be able to climb to arrive the top.

As soon as on the high of Lookout Tower, you can discover a zip line that allows you to get to the discipline at the back of Muspelheim Tower. There are a couple of enemies there you can must defeat. After they’re downed, climb the nearby boards to find a chest containing a cipher.

Use the Muspelheim travel Rune to unencumber Muspelheim in God of War

After you acquire your fourth cipher piece, Atreus will learn learn how to learn Muspel language runes, and you can attain the Muspelheim travel Rune. That you may now proceed to Muspelheim at your comfort via the journey room at Tyr’s Temple. Just procedure the mechanism used to change nation-states and Kratos will automaticall unlock Muspelheim.


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