Fortnite 3.5 and Fortnite 1.54 Patch Notes

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Fortnite 3.5 and Fortnite 1.54 Patch NotesThe latest FORTNITE PATCH NOTES had been launched, with FORTNITE update three.5 / replace 1.54 bringing with it a heap of alterations to the game, including the introduction of a manufacturer new Replay feature. The new Fortnite replace will even see the reintroduction of survive the Storm.

The new update, which is about to move are living later in these days after Epic video games introduced the Fortnite servers offline, points some brand new gameplay points, new skins, and the computer virus fixes/gameplay improvements we now have come to expect from our patches. Learn on below to discover the entire most latest changes.

Fortnite 3.5 & Fortnite 1.44 Patch Notes

As is most commonly the case, the update for the computer and PS4/Xbox One types of the sport boast different numbers, so the Fortnite three.5 replace is the Fortnite 1.54 replace on consoles.

Listed here are the primary alterations tucked away in this new replace:

NEW features
Port-a-castle: This new grenade item enables gamers to installed a fort instantly.
50v50 v2: Fortnite combat Royale will get this new constrained Time Mode.
Cyberpunk Heroes: brand new skins for save the world.
Neon Weapons: Some snazzy-watching new firearms for save the sector, too.


  • V-Bucks are now shared between Xbox One, PC, and Mobile (PS4 is still sitting this one out).
  • Wood, stone, and metal will now be the first resources in the inventory list.
  • Login queues have been improved.


  • Save your matches and watch them back from any angle.
  • Speed up and slow down the action for dramatic effect.
  • Player outlines and nameplates are visible.
  • Multiple camera modes to choose from, including drone follow, drone attach, and third-person.
  • Adjust cinematic camera settings such as exposure, aperture, focal length, and focal distance.


  • Port-a-Fort has been added, dropping in stacks of 1 and stacking up to 5 times in inventories.
  • Guided Millie’s turn rate and speed has been nerfed.
  • Short equip time adding to many weapons, primarily those with a slower rate of fire (rocket launcher, hand cannon, etc.)


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