F2P Battle Royale Shooter

F2P Battle Royale Shooter, Radical Heights Release Date – Gameplay

F2P Battle Royale Shooter

Radical Heights releases on Steam as a Free to Play shooter on April 10, and we have got all the important points you want. In this guide to Radical Heights we’ll element all the recreation has to present, together with the discharge date, Founders percent, and more. As we play more of Radical Heights we’ll replace our publications with more data to aid you get better on the game.

Radical Heights unencumber Date – When Does it free up on Steam?
The unconventional Heights release date is April 10, 2018, having been introduced on April 9. Radical Heights unlocks on Steam at 12 pm ET/5PM BST. Radical Heights is a free-to-play game, so there is not any cost to download and play the game.

Radical Heights is billed as an X-Treme Early access title, and has handiest been in progress for five months. Expect the sport to believe early, however which you can aid give suggestions with the intention to relatively form the progress of the sport.

Money is King in Radical Heights
while you might see humans using around on BMX bikes and having a excellent time, Radical Heights is still a combat Royale shooter, so you are going to need to take down other avid gamers. Find money or clutch it from fallen enemies, then financial institution it to construct up a money pot.

This banked money can be used in Radical Heights to buy customization objects to your private prize room or to purchase weapons early in the subsequent recreation. The ATMs are there to use as you see match.

What can you Spend Cash on in Radical Heights

There are many things you can spend your cash on in Radical Heights, some cosmetic and some to give you a helping hand out on the battlefield. 

  • Guns 
  • Shirts 
  • Pants/Briefs 
  • Shoes 
  • Helmets 
  • Trousers 
  • Gadgets

Radical Heights is an Extreme Battle Royale Shooter

Radical Heights seems to mix serious gunplay with an extreme 80’s aesthetic and hijinx. This includes crazy outfits, neon lighting, BMX bikes, and dynamic Game Show moments. Before too much is known about the game, it seems to be a cross between the third-person shooting seen in PUBG and the more cartoony look of Fortnite. 

Radical Heights Founders Pack

The Radical Heights Founders Pack will be available to buy, priced $14.99. The Radical Heights Founders Pack includes a mixture of cosmetic items and Rad Gems (a currency used to buy some gear in your Prize Room). Included are over 20 pieces of exclusive character cosmetics, all inspired by 80’s action films, such as headwear, footwear, tank tops and more.

The Radical Heights Founders Pack will also come with 1,250 Rad Gems. These can be used to buy some gear in your Prize Room.

That’s all we know about Radical Heights. Keep checking back as we build up our Radical Heights guide pages.

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F2P Battle Royale Shooter, Radical Heights Release Date - Gameplay
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