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Kingdom Come: How to Collect the Debt in Unexpected Visit Quest

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The first actual quest in KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE throws you beneath the bus by way of asking you to deal with KUNESH. Part of the Unexpected Visit questline has you confronting a debtor of your father’s, Kunesh, and asking him for the cash he owes for an ax, a hammer, and a few nails. There’s more than one ways to address Kunesh in Kingdom, a few non violent, and a few no longer a lot so.

How to Deal with Kunesh in Kingdom Come: Deliverance
The first component you need to realise whilst you’re seeking to collect Kunesh’s debt in Kingdom Come is that that is an open international game. The real goal of this quest isn’t to teach Kunesh a lesson or even get cash from him. It’s to convey your dad a few ale and charcoal. With that in thoughts, let’s examine a few ways you may manage this.

FIGHT KUNESH If you pass and talk to Kunesh, it is obvious he’s full of disrespect, and the simplest outcomes of speakme to him (most of the time) are going to be moving into a fistfight or getting instructed off and leaving empty-handed. You’ll possibly now not have high enough stats to apply the conversation alternatives to prevent a combat and nonetheless get what you want, so maximum of the time you are going to have to combat him.

Kunesh is an ox of a person and is way higher at preventing than you. But, there’s a way to win. Kingdom Come’s unarmed preventing device would not permit enemies to hurt you until your stamina is tired. As long as you do not ought to perform many blocks or miss too many punches, you can wear him down. Remember to exchange between jabs and haymakers, and maintain backpedaling.

The game hasn’t taught you something at all about fight at this point, so don’t feel bad if you mess this up some instances.

TALK KUNESH INTO GIVING YOU THE TOOLS When you are talking to Kunesh, there is a hazard for a speech or energy check within the dialog. More than in all likelihood, except you positioned all of your factors into one of these on the begin of the sport within the communication together with your mom, you’ll fail either of them.

On the off chance that you do pass it, he will begrudgingly come up with the ax and hammer so you can sell them for the money for the charcoal.

As I said earlier than, you do not even should address Kunesh to pass this quest. You can not without a doubt thieve the equipment because you don’t know a way to lockpick or pickpocket at this point in the sport, so this is out. Search round Skalitz, though, and you will find sufficient stuff mendacity around to sell and make the cash for the charcoal. If you’ve got tried fighting Kunesh and you just can’t take him down, then simply move around him and do not communicate to him at all.

Once you get the charcoal, you can head to the tavern and get the ale to your dad. Once you get it and go back domestic, then you whole the Unexpected Visit quest whether or not you met Kunesh or not.

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