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Monster Hunter World Best Jagras Guide: How to Track & Kill a Great Jagras

2nd Monster Hunter World PS4 Beta Now Live, Doesn't Require PS +

In Monster Hunter World, one of the latest monsters you may be dealing with out in the open world will be the bold Great Jagras, on the way to require a fair little bit of planning to take out. In this Monster Hunter World Great Jagras manual, we will be taking walks you via how to kill a Great Jagras, in addition to any extra bits of information that let you along the manner.

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Monster Hunter World Great Jagras Guide
As is usually the case with beasts in Monster Hunter World, you need to recognize your enemy before you can face it head on. The Great Jagras is a predator determined in the Ancient Forest, generally preying on Aptonoth or Kestadon, which reasons its belly to swell up after eating.

The Great Jagras’s stomach drags along the ground after feeding, complete of whichever prey it turned into remaining searching. It can take this meal again to its lair and regurgitate it for other Jagras, or it is able to spit the meal lower back out when being attacked, as well as the usage of its bloated weight to overwhelm any hunters. Although the Great Jagras is a predator, it is lower down at the food chain than Anjanath and Rathalos, each in the Ancient Forest.

How to Kill a Great Jagras in Monster Hunter World
You can usually find the Great Jagras hunting in the Ancient Forest map, commonly within the clearing just beyond the Southwest Camp starting point. In phrases of gadget and weapons to take with you, the Great Jagras is susceptible to each Fire and Thunder, so we would endorse taking both the Wyvern Blade, Thunder Lance, or the Steel Axe, that is commonly considered to be a very good all-spherical weapon.

As for your Palico’s gadget while looking the Great Jagras, you have to pass for the Felyne Anja Hammer since it has a Fire bonus, and the Flashfly Cage, extraordinary for lovely the Great Jagras.

If you’re in an area with natural world that the Great Jagras likes to prey on, make certain to look around the surroundings for footprints, but additionally for skid marks. This tells you that the Great Jagras turned into currently hunting here, and it is a high-quality way to reinforce your search for the monster speedy.

Once you have engaged the Great Jagras in fight, either before or after it’s crammed its stomach with prey, you must constantly goal for the head of the monster whilst viable. An perfect tactic while you’re wielding the Thunder Lance is to press proper trigger after which circle, to carry out a counterattack against the beast, so that you can nearly usually hit its head in case you’re taking it down head on.

Should the Great Jagras flee from battle (it is absolutely quicker on the move than hunters are, so in case you need to stop it from fleeing) simply goal with left trigger and hit it with a stone, causing it to stop and flip lower back on you. Alternatively, the Great Jagras will usually flee again to its lair, that’s filled with severa lesser Jagras, which it will feed if its stomach is complete.

Nevertheless, the Great Jagras is quality treated clearly with the aid of tackling it head on. You’re nearly always assured to locate the Great Jagras close to hunting grounds with lesser beasts, so plan your strategy around the fact that it’s weakest to thunder, hearth, and hits to the pinnacle.

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Monster Hunter World Best Jagras Guide: How to Track & Kill a Great Jagras
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