Spell Hunter deck list

Spell Hunter deck list Full guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds in Jan 2018

Spell Hunter deck list

Our Spell Hunter deck list guide capabilities the exceptional deck listing for Season 46 (January 2018). Our Spell Hunter manual additionally contains Mulligan recommendation, card mixtures and strategy tips.

Spell Hunter is a new and quite thrilling form of Hearthstone deck. To start with, it quite intentionally strips out each minion card you may typically want to use with the hero to be able to play into the strength of the Hunter’s new Legendary Weapon Rhok’delar. When you equip this weapon, the blade will refresh your hand with a random series of sophistication spells, which need to optimistically offer you with the greater electricity you need to beat your opponent.

Although it noticed pretty a variety of play on the start of the Kobolds expansion, it is now usually taken into consideration to be a low-tier deck. If that is the Legendary Weapon you had been provided without cost at the start of Kobolds although, this version of the deck is set as accurate because it gets. We’ll be improving the deck listing continuously because the growth launch performs out, so please take into account this manual to be a piece in progress for now.

In the presently version of this text we wanted to spotlight a Spell Hunter deck list that need to show to be a pretty solid starting point, give you a touch bit of approach recommendation, and then wrap all of it up with a have a look at the mixtures you could utilise. That need to be enough to get you commenced for now as a minimum, and till we subsequent replace this newsletter.


Spell Hunter has visible quite a few tweaks for the reason that Christmas length, so we have taken the possibility to bring this manual updated. As we’ve got already cited this isn’t always inside the high levels of aggressive decks proper now, but it is still a totally fun deck to play if you show up to have the playing cards.

Spell Hunter deck list & strategy

Here’s the most up to date version of Spell Hunter that you should be playing on the Standard ladder right now:

Hunter Neutral
2 x Tracking
2 x Cat Trick
2 x Explosive Shot
1 x Flare
2 x Freezing Trap
2 x Snipe
2 x Wandering Monster
2 x Animal Companion
1 x Deadly Shot
2 x Eaglehorn Bow
2 x Kill Command
2 x Unleash the Hounds
2 x Flanking Strike
2 x Lesser Emerald Spellstone
1 x Deathstalker Rexxar
2 x To My Side!
1 x Rhok’delar

The idea behind gambling this deck is which you want to govern and frustrate the opponent’s early to mid-sport the use of the honestly disgusting feast of Secret spells that populate this deck list. Although a truthful little bit of the strategy might be out of your control (due to success of the draw and your opponent’s ability savviness at playing round those Secrets), you have got masses of tools to play with.

Eaglehorn Bow is an crucial part of that manage equation, and its vital you advantage as a great deal value as you can out of its Secret-related Durability mechanic. While you’re playing those Secrets, you are also fattening up your Lesser Emerald Spellstone cards, that could provide you with a fat board presence fairly speedy.

Rhok’delar is the Hunter’s Legendary weapon, and after you play it your hand may be filled to bursting with a random selection of Hunter spells. You’ll should delicately weave these together to close down the match from here, however if you benefit a card like Call of the Wild especially, you could begin pushing out a few actual damage.

It’s a deck with a number of randomness, a lot of uncertainty, and a definite “meme” sense to it at this degree of the Kobolds meta, however stranger things have happened in Hearthstone…

Here are some put up-launch guidelines about handling each aggro and manage warring parties at this degree of the meta:


Keeping the board clear is virtually important against competitive combatants, in any other case you will warfare to live alive lengthy enough to reach your extra powerful stop-sport.
Manage your Eaglehorn Bow specially carefully right here as you really need to preserve extra fees of Durability ticking off your Secrets.
Don’t get too grasping approximately fully charging up your Lesser Emerald Spellstone cards in those suit-ups. Even a couple of Wolves can be sufficient to help you keep control of the board – and you can properly stay to remorse maintaining onto the card for just a little extra electricity afterward.

In manage match-united statesthe identical advice applies to all Hunters. Take a more competitive stance, and get as a lot damage in as you can – using Eaglehorn Bow – to complete the suit up quicker. You have an inexpensive quit-recreation, but nothing which could rise up to a totally slow control opponent.
Once Deathstalker Rexxar has been put into play, try and rattle off a new Beast each single turn and assume very carefully approximately the blended stats and Mana price. You can use this capability to fill in any gaps and make certain you’ve got a strong play to make on the next turn if no other alternatives are gift.
In our subsequent replace we’ll have advice for managing precise combatants within the emerging Kobolds and Catacombs meta.

Spell Hunter Mulligan guide
Your most critical cards for the Mulligan section in wellknown are Wandering Monster, Cat Trick, Lesser Emerald Spellstone and Eaglehorn Bow.

Against competitive warring parties you may advantage more cost from Explosive Trap within the early sport, so maintain onto that card against the likes of Hunter, Shaman and Paladin.

You need to additionally maintain onto Flare specifically in opposition to Mage and Hunter. Secrets dominate in these two instructions proper now, and so being able to nuke them and advantage a card in the process can give you a huge benefit.

Spell Hunter pointers mixtures and synergies
We’ve in no way visible a deck pretty like this (for proper or unwell) in the Hearthstone meta, so we’ve produced a list of all of the combos that strength this specific version of Spell Hunter. Make positive you cross into your first fit with a company know-how of the following combinations:

– Try to devise your Secrets out within the order you would really like them to ideally be brought about in. You may opt for that a minor aggro minion receives chomped through Wandering Monster as opposed to solid out by means of Freezing Trap, as an example. The creature you get from Wandering Monster might also properly survive to do greater paintings after the trade.

– Cat Trick is brought about after the spell in query has been performed out. This approach that if your opponent makes an AOE play, the minion you receive may be unaffected by way of the damage.

– Flare is a mainly effective card in opposition to other Hunters and Mages too. Any Secrets the opponent has out in play may be destroyed and you may also draw a further card to your hand.

– Plan the usage of your Eaglehorn Bow extraordinarily cautiously. Every time one of your many Secrets is brought about by way of the opponent, your weapon will benefit an extra point of Durability. It’s important that you maintain that weapon damage rolling for manipulate. Just watch out for weapon elimination inside the form of Acidic Swamp Ooze and Harrison Jones within the new meta.

– Kill Command most effective does 3 points of harm in its vanilla shape. If you can get any kind of Beast presence out in play, but, the damage output of this spell increases to 5 factors – this may be a real recreation-changer, whether for controlling the board or completing the fight off rapid.

– Lesser Emerald Spellstone grows in a totally unique way. When it is on your hand, playing a Secret will growth the wide variety of Wolves it summons to 3. Play a 2d Secret and the card maxes out at 4 Wolves. See our Spellstone manual for greater information on the mechanic, as well as more deck thoughts.

– Flanking Strike now not most effective eliminates an enemy minion with three or greater Health, it additionally offers a 3 / 3 Wolf minion for your facet of the board.

– There aren’t any minions on this deck, and so To My Side! Is guaranteed to pull of the Animal Companion creatures onto the board. One’s a four / 2 with Charge, the other’s a four / 4 Taunt, whilst the 0.33 alternative is a 2 / 4 that buffs the Attack value of your other Beasts.

– Deathstalker Rexxar grants you five points of Armor when performed, and also does two damage to all enemy minions. You also get the Build-A-Beast Hero Power which lets you combine vanilla Beast cards into new and revolting creations that have their Mana fee and stats mixed.

– Rhok’delar is the real reason you percent no longer a single minion card into this deck. When you play it, your whole hand could be filled with a random selection of Hunter spells. The extra you can skinny your hand out first, of course, the extra of these free spells you’ll receive.

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Spell Hunter deck list Full guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds in Jan 2018
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