Secret Tempo Mage deck list Full guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds in Jan 2018


Secret Tempo Mage is a Hearthstone deck that’s truely crammed to the brim with Secrets and spells, and it is the sort of deck that will depart the opposite participant constantly preventing to hold up. All the manner in the course of every suit they may must do their first-class to try to examine the viable pitfalls that could lie in advance of them, and reply in your fiendish collection of Secrets as quality they could – or can’t, as will regularly turn out to be the case.

While they are trying to study the board state, you will be operating to snowbasll your very own aspect of the board with an an increasing number of deadly preventing force of your own. How exactly you play this manner out depends very an awful lot on how the ones Secrets have an impact on the board country, and the problems the opponent forces you to cope with too.

In our Secret Tempo Mage manual, we’ve got got the modern-day and finest Kobolds deck list with a purpose to use, along side some fashionable method recommendation and pointers for completing the Mulligan level correctly. To wrap matters up we’ve got also protected all the combinations you can utilise the usage of this precise model of the archetype. Making all the plays 2nd nature is definitely crucial for visiting the unsure direction every recreation goes to present you with!


We’ve completed our mid-month evaluation of Secret Tempo Mage and could depart our recommended deck list unchanged for the rest of the month. Although a few experiments are nonetheless being made, this appears to be the maximum consistent version of the archetype you could play at the January ladder.

Secret Tempo Mage deck list and method
Here’s the maximum popular version of Secret Tempo Mage that’s being played at this fairly early level of the Kobolds and Catacombs meta. Expect further tweaks and upgrades as the following couple of months play out.

Mage Neutral
2 x Kabal Lackey
2 x Mana Wyrm
2 x Arcanologist
2 x Frostbolt
2 x Medivh’s Valet
2 x Primordial Glyph
2 x Sorcerer’s Apprentice
2 x Arcane Intellect
2 x Counterspell
2 x Explosive Runes
2 x Ice Block
2 x Kirin Tor Mage
2 x Fireball
1 x Aluneth
2 x Kabal Crystal Runner
1 x Pyroblast

General Strategy

This is, in essence, the classic Tempo Mage of old up to date with a Secret twist to hold it relevant for the Kobolds and Catacombs meta. A Secret from Arcanologist made loose with a follow-up Kirin Tor Mage provides you with a massive pace advantage, for example, and evolves the deck some distance beyond the established Mana Wyrm / Frostbolt / Primordial Glyph commencing plays that we’ve come to recognise and love.

If you’ve got a perfect curve of insane tempo within the early-sport, then you definately should race aggro combatants to the completing line, otherwise you are excellent off taking a more controlling function. You’re rapid, however you’re now not aggro on the end of the day.

Come the mid-sport you could begin taking a extra competitive technique whilst you’ve mounted firm manage of the board. Board presence is the whole thing with this deck, so always try to ensure you have got more out in play than the opponent does

Against manage opponents it’s a lot more vital to start setting the stress on satisfactory and early on and then slam your quit the victory line quick. These forms of opponent will usually beat you in the slow race while the overdue-recreation rolls around, in any case, and so you do need to take quite an aggressive stance. Make your speedy minion performs over the entirety else, and store cards like Arcane Intellect and Primordial Glyph for afterward in the sport while you need more gas.

In slow matches, it is also a little greater essential to plan using your Secrets carefully, and do your nice to et your opponent up for a very bad time of factors. The more in-depth your expertise of the meta, the more refined your reads turns into right here, so simply maintain practicing and usually take time to research from preceding healthy-ups.

New playing cards inside the archetype encompass Explosive Runes and Aluneth. The former must assist out towards Control combatants a incredible deal, at the same time as the latter can help refuel your hand after a completely fast and livid early and mid-sport.

Strategies towards every class:

The following recommendation is primarily based on the preceding Frozen Throne meta and will be updated to suit Kobolds and Catacombs quickly after launch. Some of the huge insight will nevertheless follow, but, and so we are leaving it here in its cutting-edge kingdom.

Druid – Druid fits are hard for any magnificence, even though Tempo Mage plays OK in opposition to the huge green threat. Counterspell and your excessive burn spells are tough for the Druid to deal with – out of doors in their few armour technology options, this is – so constantly have an eye on whether you have got the harm in hand to take them out.

Hunter – It is probably tempting to head for that Volcanic Potion tech choice as insurance towards aggro, however Hunter is seeing so little play right now it’s now not worth the instant inclusion. The spells you have already got available to you – plus your hero power and the pace you may advantage with Kirin Tor Mage – need to be extra than sufficient to keep all of the little minions in take a look at.

Mage – Once you’ve uncovered which variation of Mage you’re up towards you can strategise consequently. Freeze Mage will look to stall your minions, so lean towards the burn approach. Exodia Mage is attempting to find all the right portions for the only-flip kill, so race them down as quick as you could. Control Mage might be tough, but time your secrets nicely and you may disrupt their plans and burn them down before their late-sport swing.

Paladin – Without location-of-effect elimination options, fit-usaagainst the famous Paladin decks on the ladder right now can be hard for Tempo Mage. With a robust Murloc opening specially, it could be not possible on the way to claw your manner returned into the sport. Nevertheless, try to control the early sport by using choosing off the maximum threatening objectives along with your spells, inclusive of Murloc Warleader and Murloc Tidecaller. If the Paladin isn’t capable of build a solid board of Murlocs you can then take the lead inside the fit.

Priest – With their multitude of control alternatives and immoderate healing you could without difficulty run out of sources whilst up towards a Priest. Burning them down isn’t a incredible strategy either. However, 4-attack cards inclusive of Kirin Tor Mage are crucial for gaining an advantage as they’re tougher for the Priest to cope with. Kirin Tor Mage is particularly top for buying the Priest on the lower back-foot early. They may panic and be pressured to waste a couple of assets in an effort to get rid of it.

Rogue – Tempo Rogue is your most important situation within the contemporary meta, and so your great wager is to take pretty an aggressive stance on this healthy-up. Don’t spend your whole time controlling the board, but do take sensible trades while building up towards your big burst end.

Shaman – As with any class that comes up against Token Shaman, you’ll need to hold the board as clear as possible. Don’t be afraid to use your spells aggressively to accomplish that, as tons as it could ache you to Fireball a Flametongue Totem behind the safety of taunt minions. Save your secrets, in particular Counterspell, to disrupt potential Bloodlust or Evolve plays. If they misplay to keep away from it or boldly waste any such cards into it, you’ve already gained the mental victory.

Warlock – Control Warlock will try to build a wall of minions in the front of them to shield their lifestyles general. Your spells do not take care of this. Do not, however, depart too much up at the board that you become getting slowly whittled down. Their immoderate lifestyles tapping can even paintings in your favour and push them closer closer to a existence overall you may without problems burn down. If they’re too worried to tap, their assets will run low too, permitting you to storm in advance.

Warrior – The Pirate Warrior suit-up is a risky one as they’re truly a ways faster at racing you down. Try to fend off the harm as a good deal as you can inside the early sport with spells, your hero electricity and pace performs through cards like Medivh’s Valet. Survive the early onslaught and the game is yours. Control Warrior is far tougher – don’t let them generate too much armour or they’ll race far out of burn variety.

Secret Tempo Mage Mulligan guide
In each aggro and manage in shape-united statesyou’re always going to favour drawing Mana Wyrm, so keep onto it at all prices. If you may follow that up with a Frostbolt for removal or an Arcanologist, you’ll be in extremely good shape. If you get the latter, you furthermore mght need to hold on to Kirin Tor Mage to advantage a few most important tempo.

Primordial Glyph may even empower the Wyrm and come up with an extra tool to play with as nicely. Kabal Lackey needs to be played with a Secret in-hand to gain its electricity so just have in mind of ways you thing this card into your early-recreation curve.

That’s the basics of Mulliganing this deck, then, but why are we making those picks? Here’s a closer take a look at a number of the important thing cards we’ve mentioned above.

1. Mana Wyrm: Nothing outranks this minion at the list and in case you acquire it within the Mulligan section it represents the backbone of your early tempo plays. The raw vanilla stats are not exactly horrible for dealing with early aggro minions, but it’s the assault-increasing synergy with the many spells you’ll play that clearly make it shine. Expect all people however the greenest of combatants to cast off this goal as fast as they could.

2. Arcanologist: This is of path a Secret-fuelled deck, and so the value of this card is pretty self-evident. Second only to Mana Wyrm with regards to priority keeps, if you could pair this up with a Turn three Kirin Tor Mage and the loose Secret supplied, you will find your self in superb shape certainly. Even if you do not get a combination rolling, it is difficult no longer to get fee out of this minion on Turn 2.

3. Frostbolt: The Mage’s signature early-recreation elimination spell no longer only enables forestall the opponent from getting off to a preferential start, it additionally serves to empower your lively Mana Wyrm, which can then cross onto make a more meaningful play itself. Good instances!

Four. Primordial Glyph: We’re quite surprised to see Primordial Glyph escape a swing of the nerfbat at some point of the Un’Goro metagame – handiest its RNG element prevents it from being truly obnoxious. Like Frostbolt it has high-quality synergy with Mana Wyrm, and it additionally provides you with a now and again powerful spell it is so reasonably-priced it looks like dishonest!

Please be aware that we’ve removed our hero through hero Mulligan chart until the meta has stabilised inside the Kobolds and Catacombs meta. We’ll replace it with an up to date model in time for the begin of the January season. Thanks in your persistence.

Secret Tempo Mage suggestions, combos and synergies
There are quite a number of combinations to juggle with any sort of Tempo Mage, and the state-of-the-art Frozen Throne model is in reality no exception.

Here’s what you want to be considering whilst gambling this deck out:

– Every time a spell is performed your energetic Mana Wyrm will advantage a further point of Attack power. Something to always preserve in thoughts as you’re planning out your turn, particularly if this blend starts offevolved occurring later on inside the suit than you may have preferred.

– Arcanologist will select a final random Secret from your deck and placed it in your hand when performed.

– You get to play a Secret free of charge after placing Kabal Lackey or Kirin Tor Mage onto the board. Keep that during mind when making plans out your ability Mana alternatives on any given flip.

– Not handiest will Primordial Glyph allow you to Discover a new spell, the value of that spell can be reduced by using two Mana whilst it is to your hand.

– The more Battlecry impact of Medivh’s Valet will give you a big pace swing, and so that you must always try to advantage this more impact via certainly one of your many Secret performs.

– As lengthy as Sorcerer’s Apprentice is on the board, all of your spells will price one Mana less. This impact stacks with more than one copies of this minion.

– If the opponent plays a minion with six or much less Health then it will likely be destroyed robotically by way of your active Explosive Runes. If the minion has less than six Health, any extra damage is carried out to the opponent’s Health pool.

– Aluneth will provide you with 3 greater playing cards at the end of every of your turns. Watch the scale of your hand so you don’t end up burning any vital cards! As a tempo oriented participant though, you have to be emptying your hand quite unexpectedly.

– Kabal Crystal Runner costs two Mana less for every Secret you performed earlier on inside the suit. It’s very common to discover your self gambling this minion free of charge.

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