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Hearthstone: Dungeon Run Full guide, Kobolds & Catacombs

Our Hearthstone Dungeon Run manual contains boss details, pointers, approach recommendation and info of the nice Treasure and Passive improvements available.

A new unmarried-player mode for Hearthstone referred to as Dungeon Run was delivered with the release of the Kobolds and Catacombs enlargement. This new roguelike thing for the sport challenges you with tackling eight randomly decided on boss encounters, one after every other, from an normal pool of 48. It’s been a hugely famous addition to the sport, and it is the form of content material we are hoping to peer reiterated upon in destiny expansion.

We’ve been tracking trends of Dungeon Run in this text ever for the reason that mode became first announced at BlizzCon, and we have recommendations and hints for coping with a massive quantity of the bosses. We’re continuing to add to that advice on an ongoing basis, so test returned often for updates. We’ve additionally got some recommendation for deciding on the exceptional upgrades and constructing a deck on your hero of choice. Check the links within the navigation bar underneath to jump directly into what you need.


Boss List – Tips, Tricks and Strategies
Now that the enlargement is completely underneath manner we’ve were given a lot extra perception into who and what you’ll be going through as you head deeper into every dungeon. For now we’ve got got a list of every boss you may stumble upon in Dungeon Run, and we are within the procedure of including tips for beating every one.

We’re going to begin via breaking out the five viable end-bosses you may face although, as those are by using far the ones you’re most probable to run into trouble fighting!


Hero Power: Devour. O Mana. Remove the pinnacle 2 playing cards of your opponent’s deck.

You’re going to need a variety of luck on your facet whilst you discover your self up against Azari the Devourer. For a begin there’s that Hero Power which burns the top two playing cards of your deck every turn. This adds urgency to the stumble upon as you race to overcome him earlier than Fatigue sets in, whilst you also probably lose your pleasant equipment to get the job completed.

The excellent recommendation we can deliver right here clearly is to dig in your high-quality cards for your commencing hand due to the fact you are very possibly going to lose them across the path of the complete match. You do of route nonetheless want to maintain yourself in the game, so don’t be too glib about throwing away your board control gear.

Ensure you do whatever it takes to keep your minion presence on the board, however meagre it’s far. Hard removal spells, correct buying and selling – if it leaves you with some thing to play with on the following turn, do it. If you rolled a hero that may do everyday harm thru the Hero Power – Hunter’s exquisite right here – then paintings that damage in anywhere you can.

Here’s a gameplay video featuring Azari so you what to expect!


King Togwaggle is one in all 5 stop bosses you can meet in the Dungeon Run and he is also your host for the whole run. He’ll provide you with advice and method guidelines approximately the bosses you may stumble upon, before you virtually start the fight with the boss in question.

Hero Power: Magic Candle. 3 Mana. Find a Treasure!

When this come across begins King Togwaggle may have two Mana, which means he will clearly have get admission to to a few Mana while his flip starts. This method he can use his Hero Power immediately, and begin digging for the identical Treasure cards that you’ve been obtaining for the duration of the run.

As you’ll have visible from our enhancements breakdown somewhere else in this manual, a number of those Treasures are a good deal weaker than others, even as some are almost game-breaking. No surprises then that your first-rate bet is to get this over as speedy as viable earlier than the boss can high-roll his way to victory.


Hero Power: Encroaching Darkness. 0 Mana. Summon a 5/five Darkspawn

This is a difficult, difficult fight and The Darkness will make use of that Hero Power on the start of each flip. To assist extremely you have three copies of a card referred to as Luminous Candle, which destroys all the Darkspawns currently at the board. Of route, the restricted supply way you have to time the usage of these powerful tools quite cautiously.

All of the damage you acquire in the course of the fight will come from the minions out on the board, and so your great guess is to hold onto your Luminous Candle playing cards and take a number of that Darkspawn harm. When you are able to area a solid board and play a Candle then do so, providing benefit within the in shape. Just be conscious that the boss has many elimination consequences like Twisting Nether and Entomb.

The video satisfactory isn’t always top notch right here however it ought to nonetheless provide you with a great concept of what to expect from your come across with The Darkness:


Hero Power: Vindictive Breath. Zero Mana. Deal 1 harm to all enemies for each lacking Master Chest

When the encounter with Vustrasz starts he’s going to have 5 copies of Master Chest on his aspect of the board. The extra of those Chests you wreck at some stage in the in shape, the more effective Vindictive Breath grows.

Although the ones Chests have 0 Attack electricity and might make you watched the first-rate aspect to do is ignore them, Vustrasz buffs them over time. Thus, you have to juggle meting out damage towards the boss even as also keeping one eye on the damage through the years you take.

Hopefully by the point a Chest has obtained numerous buffs, you may be in a later level of the game wherein you have sturdier minions. At that point it is higher to kill the Chest, clutch your Treasure and take delivery of that your minions are going to take some harm every flip. It’s not ideal, however eventually you will must put the stress on and hope you outlast the boss.

As for earlier-recreation minions, maintain in m,ind that Vustrasz has get entry to to extra conventional board clearance results such as Spirit Lash and Holy Nova, and also can increase the strength of those otherwise minor AOE spells.

Here’s gameplay pictures of the encounter so that you can get a heads-up earlier than getting caught into this final boss for your self:


Hero Power: Beam Me Up (Passive). At the quit of your turn, upload a Beam to your hand.

Xol the Unscathed is a difficult boss to beat, with a Hero Power which presents her considered one of six viable beams on every occasion her turn ends. The excellent information is that she certainly tells you which ones spell is energetic, and we’ve were given a breakdown of all the options she may must play with:

Beam of Confusion: Take manipulate of a random enemy minion. [FLUMMOX]
Beam of Death: Destroy all broken enemy minions. [FATALITY]
Beam of Decay: Destroy one of your opponent’s Mana Crystals. [FATIGUE]
Beam of Fear: Shuffle a random enemy minion into your opponent’s deck. [FEAR]
Beam of Fire: Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions. [FLAME]
Beam of Frost: Freeze a random enemy minion and the minions subsequent to it. [FROST]
The important strategy for beating her includes cautiously handling the beam she presently has. Play round it at all times, and basically focus on giving her as little cost from it as possible.

The fundamental nature of Xol is that of a Discard Warlock, and people aren’t difficult to conquer. Just play cagey with the ones beams and you have to have no problem beating her – palms crossed she can also even Discard one of the key components of her own approach along the manner!


Hero Power: Idle. 2 Mana. Do nothing.

Turns out we had been trolled all along. You might assume A.F. Kay by no means takes a flip, but that’s simplest if you do not kill her before Turn 6. At that factor, she floods the board with a disgusting array of 8 / 8minions, earlier than refilling her hand with Bag of Stuffing. Basically, kill A.F. Kay A.S.A.P, and Mulligan for minions that provide you with a fast start on the board.


Hero Power: Battle Totem – Passive. All Battlecries trigger two times.

The precise news about Battlecrier Jinzo is which you each get to benefit from that passive Hero Power. Assuming you have bagged some Battlecry cards from you deck you may generate some splendid price out of this stumble upon. Just watch out for some of his signature playing cards like Ravaging Ghoul and Bomb Lobber – that stuff can hurt.

Because the boss has a first rate amount of both recovery and AOE, it is important that you do not over-devote at the board, and simply lightly snowball a sport-ending chance. Always assume the worst, and that you’ll need to construct every other board presence in some unspecified time in the future at some point of the come across.


Hero Power: Coin – 0 Mana. Gain 1 Mana Crystal this flip simplest.

Bink is one of these enemies you can face very early on in any given Dungeon Run and shouldn’t certainly provide you with any trouble, regardless of which hero you’ve chosen. Keep in mind, but, that he can benefit The Coin every turn if he comes to a decision to, and it is possible to get stuck up by means of this character! Just push to stop the match as quickly as viable, throw the whole thing you have got at him, and let Bink worry approximately the trades.


Hero Power: Unknown – 0 Mana. Transform a minion into a random one which charges 1 greater.

Hero Power: Unknown – zero Mana. Transform a minion into a random one which costs 3 extra.


Hero Power: Dispel Ward – 5 Mana Silence your minions.

If that Hero Power appears a bit garbage, you in reality haven’t paid attention to the board. Brimstone Warden starts offevolved each healthy with a complete of 4 x 15 / five Stone Golems which can not Attack – yet. Your goal is very simple: kill the boss earlier than he can wake up those Golems using that expensive Hero Power.

It is feasible to overcome this boss the usage of a greater manipulate-oriented technique, but preserve in thoughts you’re also going to have to manage Poisonous creatures which includes Pit Snake and Emperor Cobra along the manner. Really even though, the face is the place on this tricky come upon.


Hero Power: Hunter’s Call – 3 Mana. Reduce the fee of playing cards to your hand by using 1.


Hero Power: Charge! 1 Mana. Give a minion Charge.

Hero Power: Charrrrrge!! Passive. After you play a minion, give it Charge.

If Candlebeard indicates up in advance on for your run you will get that weaker Hero Power to address, however after Level 6 or so you’ll must deal with an infinite volley of charging minions. While the primary version of the Hero Power costs 1 Mana, be aware that the advanced version is passive and so carried out robotically.

Board manage is the name of the sport as a result. You can count on Candlebeard to area minions with high Attack but low Health, so it have to be rather smooth to choose them off before they could cause too much commotion. Note, however, that he uses cards like Ship’s Cannon as well – you really need to take this sort of threat down as speedy as you can.


Hero Power: Stolen Time. 10 Mana. Destroy 3 of your Mana Crystals. Take an extra flip.

Inara’s Hero Power is thrilling but not the largest risk you need to fear about in this come upon. More complex is her Astral Portal card, with the intention to every now and then supply her a disgustingly effective Legendary card.

If you may manage the game and hit Turn 10 with the board in her fee, you ought to find it very clean to recover from the finishing line.


Hero Power: Dampen Magic – 2 Mana. Put a Counterspell Secret into the battlefield.

When Brandlemar profits Mana he will employ that Hero Power. That means if you cannot cast the spell in question on the turn earlier than, you must now not hold it at some point of the Mulligan level. If you have got The Coin you may use it to bait out the Counterspell, otherwise be ready to play a spell you care less about, earlier than casting the crucial one!


Hero Power: Mystic Barrier – 1 Mana. Gain 3 Armor

Elder Jari doesn’t display up till in a while in a run, and by way of this time you have to have accrued more than enough firepower to overcome that Armor-granting Hero Power. Just be aware that this protection does upload up over time, and Jari will begin fielding Taunt minions onto the board within the late-recreation. Keep the strain on and simply finish this combat as quick as you could.


Hero Power: Freeze – 2 Mana. Freeze a minion

Frostfur assumes the form of a totally competitive Mage, and so it’s crucial you don’t get complacent together with your Health all through the come upon. A couple of Fireballs to the face can quick knock you out of the Dungeon Run if you’re not cautious.

As disturbing as that Hero Power is, in case you’re constructing a bigger and bigger board you should nonetheless be able to race this boss to the finishing line – and keep in mind that the Hero Power comes with a totally wasteful charge tag.


Hero Power: Unknown. 2 Mana. Give your minions +1 / +1


Hero Power: Divinity. 2 Mana. Give all your minions Divine Shield

This is the Token Paladin format that you’re really familiar with by means of now, and also you ought to count on a flood of Silver Hand Recruits that turn out to be greater powerful over time.

The combat is likewise split into two very one-of-a-kind parts. First you fight George with 30 Health and this Hero Power. When he is lifeless you’ll take on Karl who once more has 30 Health however also a special Hero Power which summons a couple of 1 / 1 Recruits on every occasion.

As you’d consider, the most essential component to do is preserve that board clean as a lot as viable. What they don’t have out on the board can’t be buffed up, after all, and you virtually don’t need to must deal with a board that is complete of Divine Shield minions. Even 1 / 1 harm can stack up quickly through the years…


Hero Power: Rat Race – 2 Mana. Summon two 1 / 1 Rats.

Giant Rat is one of the bosses which you are most possibly to come across very early on on your strive. He’s a piece of a softie all things considered, however be prepared for a Dire World Alpha drop, and a buff / Divine Shield spell which could certainly take out considered one of your larger minions.


Hero Power: Swallow Whole. 2 Mana. Destroy the minion with the highest Attack.

Understanding how that Hero Power works is prime to beating Gnosh with ease. Always ensure that he has the strongest minion at any given time, so that he wastes Mana destroying his own board presence.

If you hold that during thoughts, and most effective area small our bodies onto the board, you should haven’t any problem whittling this man or woman down in a sluggish but consistent fashion.


Hero Power: Light’s Will – 0 Mana. Restore 2 Health to all minions.

Graves is efficiently the Control Priest archetype and he has quite a few AOE to mess around with so do not over-increase onto the board. Partial trading is likewise a bad idea right here, as he has a cheap and rapid manner of recovery his minions returned up to excessive health. Expect to peer the old favorite combination of Injured Blademaster and Northshire Cleric right here.

Your high-quality guess is to attention on gaining the early-game board in any way in any way, then finishing Graves rapid. Let him do any trading that happens at the board once you’re in rate. If you’ve got a manner of ping-unfavorable your own minion, Graves will have a tendency to keep away from casting his unfastened recuperation Hero Power too. Something to consider.


Hero Power: Unknown. Passive. Whenever your opponent casts a spell, summon a Tunnel Trogg.

Hero Power: Unknown. Passive. Whenever your opponent casts a spell, draw a card. It costs 1.

This is every other boss who’ll have you ever groaning if you’ve long gone down the heavy spell-damage direction while building your deck. Encounter him early on for your run and he will advantage a Tunnel Trogg whenever you casts a spell. Find him later in the adventure and he’s going to draw a card while you solid a spell, and the price of that card is decreased to 1 Mana. He’ll then add hundreds of Troggs to the board and begin casting his very own spells.

Your great wager here is to keep back spells until you’re very near the completing line, and inside the interim definitely use any guns, minions and Hero Power damage you have access to to pressure down his Health.


Hero Power: Sprouting Spore. 2 Mana. Summon an exceedingly Deadly Spore.

Ixlid represents the Aggro Token Druid layout and can buff his minor minions up remarkably nicely. Once that Hero Power starts being pumped out from Turn 2 onwards, it’s critical that you smash the Spore before it is able to kill you useless.

You want cheap elimination and reasonably-priced minions from the very begin of the suit, so that you usually have some thing to choose off the 1 / 1 Spore with. All it desires is a single contact to your hero to complete the Dungeon Run, in the end.


Hero Power: Unknown. 1 Mana. Each player draws three cards.


Hero Power: Giant Stomp. 2 Mana. Deal 1 harm to all enemy minions.

Kraxx would not play many minions of his personal however that Hero Power can of direction present a serious hassle to you through the years. Keep some minions trickling onto the board, however bear in mind of his AOE harm and keep away from over-committing. This is another come upon in which you want to complete as quick as viable, without going so rapid that you run out of resources.


Hero Power: The Floor is Lava – Passive. After a minion is played, deal 2 damage to it.


Hero Power: Arcane Infusion – 1 Mana. Add Arcane Missiles on your hand.

The biggest problem with preventing Lyris is the ridiculous range of Flamewakers which she begins summoning pretty a good deal from three Mana onwards. In fact we accept as true with she has an limitless supply of those minions to play with (and seemingly a Archmage Antonidas too – top trolling).

It’s genuinely crucial that you advantage board presence fast towards this boss, as she might not be capable of do a good deal before Turn 3. From there you may have to control the board and desire to area minions with first rate Health tallies. The concept is to get to a degree in which you’ve got sufficient electricity at the board to address new Flamewakers and begin chipping the boss’s Health down.


Hero Power: Unknown. 1 Mana. Deal 1 harm to a pleasant minion and give it +2 Attack.

Hero Power: Unknown. 1 Mana. Deal 1 damage to a pleasant minion and deliver it +5 Attack.

You can face variations of Overseer Mogark. Find him early on within the Dungeon Run and his Hero Power will dish out one damage to a minion however increase its Attack through two points. Later on, however, the buff increase to five points – extreme business.

Note that he consists of masses of zero Attack minions that have a beneficial – to Mogark – Deathrattle. Be prepared for playing cards like Devilsaur Egg and Frothing Berserker right here.


Official description: Don’t permit its developing, gooey friends get out of hand.


Hero Power: Mushroom, Mushroom – 2 Mana. Craft a custom Mushroom Potion

An thrilling notice approximately Mushhuckster Max that we found out from the recent livestream with Ben Brode and Day9. All of Mushhuckster’s potions are drawn from 1-Mana brews created by way of Kazakus.


Hero Power: Unstable Explosion – 1 Mana. Deal 1 harm to 2 random enemies.

Hero Power: Unstable Explosion – 2 Mana. Deal 2 damage to 3 random enemies.

This man is seriously, critically disturbing and in case you encounter him with the wrong type of deck you are quite screwed. Encounter him early on and his Hero Power will dish out one factor of damage to 2 random enemies. Later at the value of this Hero Power doubles but he does two harm to 3 enemies to catch up on the higher fee.

The thrilling component approximately Hamm is that his Hero Power is efficaciously passive and so it will burst off every and every flip. If you’ve no minions at the board then your face will take one hit but no more than that. The exception to this comes from the numerous, many Mad Bombers this guys packs in. They’ll luckily pummel your face all day long.


Hero Power: Alluring Tune – 2 Mana. Gain Control of an enemy minion with 2 or less Attack.

Russell the Bard’s Potion of Madness-like Hero Power can honestly ruin your early-game and it is going without announcing there is no factor giving him anything totally free. The trick right here is to try to eliminate his own huge threats even as being aware of the Lesser Onyx Spellstone he packs.

Watch out for Antique Healbot in addition to you technique the finishing line. Like all of these bosses, Russel The Bard continually appears to have the only element you don’t need to run into proper now – and that minion brings him right again into the sport.


Hero Power: Fading Light – 2 Mana. Give a minion -1 Attack.

Seriona is a Dragon Priest and also you ought to anticipate to look all of the maximum disturbing cards that this includes: Book Wyrm, Duskbreaker and so on. You want to keep fielding minions onto the board to nullify Seriona’s Hero Power, however bear in mind of AOE board clears and try and hold a touch some thing returned rather than going all-in.


Hero Power: Catch and Release – 0 Mana. Summon a random minion from your deck.

Tad has ten cards in his hand at the start of the match and uses his Hero power in order to bring a randomly selected creature into play. Specifically, he’ll gain a minion equal to the Turn number in question. Here’s his deck composition:

  • Emerald Hive Queen
  • Millhouse Manastorm
  • Starving Crab
  • Flamewreathed Faceless
  • Earth Elemental
  • Cairne Bloodhoof
  • Swamp King Dred
  • Ragnaros the Firelord
  • King Krush
  • Tyrantus

Something else to remember right here is the threat of fielding low Attack mininos. She can maintain pushing that Attack fee down, and sooner or later depart you with a vain minion that only clogs up your board for you – now not correct. You need to also have in mind of the restoration spells Seriona has, and save your fast burst damage for buying over the completing line.


Hero Power: Totem of the Dead – Passive Your Deathrattles cause twice.

This is the Dungeon Run’s Quest Priest, and so Azun is keen as mustard to look his Deathrattles burst off more than one instances. Watch out for cards like Tortollan Shellraiser, Shifting Shade and Anubisath Sentinel. The easy advice? Finish this one as speedy as you can due to the fact he’s best going to present you with more troubles, the longer the match in question goes on.

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