Face Hunter deck list

Face Hunter deck list Full guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds in Jan 2018

Face Hunter deck list

Our Face Hunter deck listing manual capabilities the first-rate deck list for Season 46 (January 2018). Our Face Hunter manual additionally contains Mulligan advice, card combinations and approach pointers.

Face Hunter isn’t always exactly the most complex deck archetype you may pilot in Hearthstone if we are honest. What it lacks in strategic intensity, but, it greater than makes up for in terms of velocity and consistency – mainly useful features in terms of creating a quick climb up the ladder at the very start of every season. It’s slipped in reputation pretty a piece seeing that its dominant days of the League of Explorers meta, but it seems like it is making a bit of a comeback within the Kobolds and Catacombs meta.

In our overhauled Face Hunter guide, we’ve got outlined what we believe is the most effective deck listing you can play right now, along with some standard gameplay recommendation. After that we’ve outlined some of the Mulligan issues you need to think about earlier than the healthy starts, before wrapping matters up with a have a look at how all of the cards on this deck interact with each other. With all that under your belt, you need to be in nice form to start your climb up the ladder!


Face Hunter’s been tweaked even further seeing that our pre-Christmas replace, so ensure you are strolling the contemporary version of the deck list in-sport. We’ve also updated the rest of this manual to take those modifications into consideration. Enjoy!

Face Hunter deck list & strategy

We think this should prove to be a pretty stable starting point for Face Hunter in the second month of the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion. Let us know in the comments about any changes you make to the following list:

Hunter Neutral
2 x Alleycat 2 x Dire Mole
2 x Candleshot 1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Crackling Razormaw 2 x Southsea Deckhand
2 x Animal Companion 2 x Dire Wolf Alpha
2 x Eaglehorn Bow 2 x Golakka Crawler
2 x Kill Command 2 x Southsea Captain
1 x Unleash the Hounds 1 x Spellbreaker
2 x Houndmaster 1 x Leeroy Jenkins
2 x Corridor Creeper

The guidelines would possibly have modified however the sport very lots remains the equal with this Kobolds and Catacombs model of Face Hunter.

As always, the cause of playing this deck is to slam harm time and again into your opponent’s face, and put on them down completely earlier than they can trap up with you. It’s now not a complex approach – and it is now not even a mainly amusing one to play once you have gorged yourself on it – but it may be effective and reasonably-priced manner of mountaineering the ladder in case you’ve the stomach for the repetition involved.

The Mulligan and blend sections of this guide incorporate all of the method advice you need to recognise, however there are some things which you need to keep in thoughts, inspite of this best of decks.

First of all, ensure you pop your Hero Power on every occasion you can, even as still fielding some thing onto the board. You will burn thru the playing cards for your hand extraordinarily fast when playing Face Hunter, and it is often higher to hold one guy lower back and hearth points of harm off as a substitute if you may – mainly if you have purpose to fear an drawing close board wipe.

You have to also use your weapon harm to clear down the board – in place of hitting your opponent’s face – until doing so will set you up for lethal harm on the next flip. Focusing your own assaults at the enemy’s threats will allow your minions to price in and supply damage over a number of more turns as an alternative.

That does not imply you have to keep away from minion-trading altogether even though. If sending one minion into an contrary variety will help some other soldier live to tell the tale to do more damage typical, it’s regularly nicely really worth making that sacrifice!

That’s approximately as complicated as matters ever get when it comes to playing Face Hunter, but those minor factors can make a large distinction for your normal win-rate – and that’s essential with a rapid-fire deck like this.

Don’t permit the naysayers put on you down here both. There is an detail of ability to this deck archetype, it is simply that the ability ceiling is markedly less complicated to hit than it’s far with other decks!

Face Hunter Mulligan manual
There’s not anything complex to fear approximately right here. You want so as to begin with a 1 Mana Beast, after which spend all of your Mana on the following few turns. If you have got the 1 drop sorted, Crackling Razormaw has apparent value for Turn 2. Just ensure you are using your Mana efficaciously within the first three or four turns because it’s very tough to return back from a gradual begin with this kind of aggro deck.

That’s a completely simplistic view of things, and you must in no way struggle to discover minions to play onto the board. Much of your decision-making may be dependant at the hero you’re dealing with, and simplest revel in will teach you ways greedy you can play matters in any given healthy-up.

Face Hunter suggestions card combos and synergies
There are some new synergies to think about while playing the modern Frozen Throne flavour of Face Hunter.

Here are the maximum vital combos which you need to familiarise yourself with earlier than heading to the ladder!

– If you acquire the Leokk creature from Animal Companion, all of your other minions will gain a further factor of Attack. This has obvious synergy with playing cards like Unleash the Hounds.

– If any of the minions you have got out in play are categorized as a Beast, then Kill Command offers 5 points of damage as opposed to 3.

– Keep your weakest minions on one facet of the board and your strongest on the other. That manner you could drop Dire Wolf Alpha between the little men and cycle through the raise if you need to make trades towards an impediment at the board.

– If you have a pleasant Beast class minion at the board, you may target it with Houndmaster and furnish it +2 / +2 stats and Taunt as properly.

– Southsea Deckhand or Southsea Captain will bring Patches the Pirate onto the board without spending a dime, but handiest if Patches is left hidden in your deck pile somewhere, and isn’t always on your hand. Remember to use the extra harm afforded via Patches earlier than hitting End Turn!

– If there’s a Pirate minion on the board, Golakka Crawler can damage it and gain +1 / +1 stats within the technique.

– Every minion that dies – whether or not for your aspect of the board or the opponent’s – will cause the Corridor Creeper for your hand to fee one Mana less.

– If you goal a friendly Beast minion with Crackling Razormaw then it will be positioned thru the Adapt technique. You’ll be offered with 3 buff options which can be randomly selected from the following pool of ten:

Adapt Name Effect
Crackling Shield Divine Shield
Flaming Claws +3 Attack
Liquid Membrane Can’t be targeted by spells or Hero Powers
Lightning Speed Windfury
Living Spores Deathrattle: Summon two 1/1 Plants
Massive Taunt
Poison Spit Poisonous
Rocky Carapace +3 Health
Shrouding Mist Stealth until your next turn
Volcanic Might +1 / +1 stats
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Face Hunter deck list Full guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds in Jan 2018
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