Exodia Mage deck list

Exodia Mage deck list Full guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds And Catacombs

Exodia Mage deck list

Exodia Mage is a Hearthstone deck archetype that works by using producing more than one copies of Sorcerer’s Apprentice to make all spells correctly free, earlier than growing an infinite deliver of unfastened Fireballs via Archmage Antonidas. These pass without delay into the opponent’s face, hence ending the game in one painful flip. Sounds simple, right?

What’s special for Kobolds and Catacbombs though? Well, the addition of Leyline Manipulator manner that you not require the Open the Waygate Quest so that you can make this deck possible. By further reducing the fee of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice cards generated via Simulacrum and Molten Reflection, you now best theoretically want one single flip to create the game-winning combo.

Our Exodia Mage manual explains exactly how to move about accomplishing that combo, with a solid beginning deck listing for the new meta. We’ve also got a few Mulligan tips so one can chew over as properly, and a breakdown of all the mixtures that exist on this deck – now not just the display-stopping one!

Update – 8th December 2017

We’ve switched to Hotform’s tackle Exodia mage for the Kobolds launch window, but it’s far nevertheless situation to exchange and refinement over the following couple of weeks. Check returned regularly for updates as we will be increasing on this one all through the subsequent month or so!

Exodia Mage deck list and strategy
Here’s a deck list that was created by Hotform ahead of the Kobolds and Catacombs launch. There are a few options in move however there may be very little difference among all of them. We will of course continue refining this deck listing all through the release window and beyond.

Mage Neutral
2 x Arcanologist 2 x Doomsayer
2 x Medivh’s Valet 2 x Loot Hoarder
1 x Sorcerer’s Apprentice 2 x Novice Engineer
2 x Arcane Intellect 2 x Acolyte of Pain
2 x Frost Nova
2 x Ice Barrier
2 x Ice Block
2 x Simulacrum
2 x Cone of Cold
1 x Leyline Manipulator
1 x Molten Reflection
2 x Blizzard
1 x Archmage Antonidas

The vast approach of this deck is virtually pretty easy to comprehend, because it’s all focused around bringing collectively the middle components of your win-situation and then executing it. In practise it’s a touch trickier, of path, and as soon as the meta’s settled down well we will be updating this section a massive quantity with match-up pointers.

Here’s the fundamentals of what you are trying to achieve though:

You need to attract a Sorcerer’s Apprentice into your hand.
Having ensured that is the bottom-fee minion to your hand, you play Simulacrum cards.
Next, placed Leyline Manipulator into play so that those Apprentices now value zero.
Play Archmage Antonidas, then your two unfastened Apprentices, the authentic -Mana Apprentice, a completely reasonably-priced Molten Reflection to get a fourth Apprentice, after which some other 0-price spell.
Hit the opponent within the face with an endless volley of loose Fireballs – generated through Archmage Antonidas – till they’re obliterated.
Simple, right? The problematic bit is staying alive lengthy sufficient to to start with pull these kind of puzzle elements together, then reach Turn 10 where you may lay all of it out and demolish the other player! You’ll find the bulk of the statistics you want to acquire that inside the guidelines and combination phase toward the lowest of the web page.

Exodia Mage Mulligan guide
Bagging your sole Sorcerer’s Apprentice is glaringly an incredible issue, however in addition to that search for anything that will help you pull the pieces of your puzzle together. Cards like Loot Hoarder, Novice Engineer and Acolyte of Pain are all part of that manner.

Arcanologist neatly guarantees you’ve got a assured Turn three play, even as Doomsayer will very often close down the fast begin of the common aggro deck (it could of route additionally be combo’d with Frost Nova in a while in the game.

That’s a totally large examine the Mulligan procedure for Exodia Mage, however we’ll increase in this with elegance-precise recommendation as soon as the meta has settled.

Exodia Mage suggestions mixtures and synergies
There’s the massive blend which we have already mentioned above, but right here are the relaxation of the card synergies in this deck. They’re an crucial a part of assisting you live lengthy enough to supply your fiery justice, so take a chunk of time to get on pinnacle of all of them:

– Arcanologist is guaranteed to attract you a Turn 3 play as you most effective have Secrets in this deck: Ice Barrier and Ice Block.

– Doomsayer mixed with both Frost Nova or Blizzard will possibly clear the board as warring parties will often warfare to cast off the Doomsayer with their minions taken out of the equation.

– An important word on Leyline Manipulator. This Battlecry most effective affects the cards which might be currently in your hand, so don’t play this out until you have got your objectives available.

– Simulacrum will replica the lowest-cost minion on your hand at the time it is forged. Make positive you don’t have any awful objectives for it to pick out from!

– Medivh’s Valet will only do his extra harm if you have a Secret in play. Given how a lot this helps with board manipulate, you really need to attend until you could set off this extra impact before playing him.

– Don’t neglect that you can Hero Power ping your own Acolyte of Pain to start producing playing cards if it is the maximum value you could get out of your current Mana reserves.

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Exodia Mage deck list Full guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds And Catacombs
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