Big Spell Mage deck list

Big Spell Mage deck list Full guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds in Jan 2018

Big Spell Mage deck list

Big Spell Mage is a new sort of Hearthstone deck that leverages a number of the hero’s larger spells for you to empower new cards from the Kobolds and Catacombs growth. By gambling these new playing cards, you advantage greater cost from characters together with Arcane Tyrant and Dragoncaller Alanna.

In our guide to playing this new deck, we have were given the fine deck listing you can use within the present day meta. We nevertheless count on it to undergo many in addition changes among now and the begin of the following season, but, so check returned regularly for updates.

We’ve also outlined the overall method concerned in gambling Big Spell Mage, provided a few Mulligan recommendations, then created a teardown of all of the card combinations that you may locate in this precise model of it. Rest assured we’re going to be expanding on all elements of this manual drastically as soon as the Kobolds meta settles down completely.


Big Spell Mage has certainly struggled to set up itself inside the longer-time period Kobolds meta, however in case you’re decided to ladder with it our manual now consists of the most powerful version of the deck list presently in use. We’ll keep updating this one over the years, however we suspect its probabilities of accomplishing the best tier of aggressive decks are slim.

Big Spells Mage deck listing and strategy
This is the maximum popular model of Big Spell Mage this is being performed right now, although it will absolute confidence be subtle in addition over the following month or so. Let us recognise of any adjustments you have made to the system inside the remarks and we will try them out for ourselves.

Mage Neutral
2 x Arcane Artificer 2 x Dirty Rat
2 x Raven Familiar 2 x Doomsayer
2 x Polymorph 2 x Acolyte of Pain
2 x Dragon’s Fury 2 x Tar Creeper
2 x Blizzard 2 x Arcane Tyrant
2 x Meteor 1 x Skulking Geist
2 x Firelands Portal 1 x Medivh, the Guardian
1 x Flamestrike 1 x Alexstrasza
1 x Dragoncaller Alanna
1 x Frost Lich Jaina

The wellknown approach at the back of gambling Big Spell Mage entails collecting a collection of spells collectively, controlling the board for the duration of the early to mid tiers of the game, and then unleashing all hell as you technique the late-sport.

In the early game which means fielding playing cards like Raven Familiar, Acolyte of Pain and Tar Creeper onto the board on the way to offer their own man or woman price for you. Don’t forget about Doomsayer as nicely, as this person will nearly certainly stop any competitive combatants dead in their tracks.

When the mid-sport rolls around you have to have sufficient spell fuel to your hand to get a unfastened Arcane Tyrant onto the board, even as Medivh, the Guardian will help you summon a honest few free minions onto the board in the overdue-sport. Dragoncaller Alanna will praise all your huge spell performs with a ceremonial dinner of loose Dragons, and Frost Lich Jaina and her Water Elementals affords further quit-sport price should it show essential for purchasing over the completing line.

That’s the very extensive evaluate of gambling Big Spell Mage, then, however we’re going to be updating this segment of our manual with unique healthy-up recommendation in a destiny update. Until then, share your own guidelines for handling aggro and manipulate opponents in the feedback section!

Big Spell Mage Mulligan guide
Now that things have settled down a touch bit we are able to deliver some very generalised Mulligan recommendation for Big Spell Mage.

It’s not truly that tough to Mulligan this deck, and in pretty much all healthy-u.S.Proper now you will gain from retaining onto the following playing cards. We’ve ranked them in a few type of order of significance but all of them have their very own makes use of:

Raven Familiar – You have a number of big spells in this deck and so that you have a super danger of drawing into one of your effective manage options the usage of this minion.

Doomsayer – This card puts the brakes on the early sport, which again is very useful towards aggro players in particular. It surely buys you extra time and with this form of deck it really is essential.

Tar Creeper – An annoying wall to your opponent to address, especially aggro gamers who normally want to slam minor minions into your face proper from the start.

Acolyte of Pain – A especially beneficial card for the Big Spell Mage, given the Hero Power and need to attract into as many portions of the deck as viable, as early as viable.

Big Spell Mage hints combos and synergies
Here are the most important card combos that you want to hold in mind even as gambling this unique version of Big Spell Mage. As the deck list modifications through the years, so will this breakdown of synergies:

– Every time you cast a spell, Arcane Artificer will provide you Armor equal to its price. Your opponent is not going to allow this card stay on their flip, so you want to combination this together with your larger spells in the overdue-game.

– Dragoncaller Alanna will add one five / 5 Dragon minion onto the board for every spell you forged formerly that cost 5 or greater Mana. In this deck, the ones spells are: Dragon’s Fury, Blizzard, Meteor, Firelands Portal and Flamestrike.

– Note that Tar Creeper best profits greater Attack for the duration of the opponent’s flip and so you must attempt to set matters up in your turn to take gain of that larger chance.

– Never neglect that you may ping your own Acolyte of Pain the use of your Hero Power to get some extra gas in your hand.

– When you play Firelands Portal, you may be supplied with a randomly chosen five-Mana minion. You can solid this spell onto a minion, or directly into the opponent’s Health pool.

– You want to juggle Health values pretty cautiously with Frost Lich Jaina. If you ping a minion with your new Hero Power and your goal dies you will gain a unfastened 3 / 6 Water Elemental for the board. You can target your personal minions, however, and so every so often it is really worth “clean” a tired minion with a new one!

– You are assured to dish out at least 4 factors of harm whilst Dragon’s Fury is played, as Polymorph is your cheapest spell in the deck.

– If you can cast a 5-Mana or higher spell card at the identical turn, you could placed Arcane Tyrant into play without spending a dime!

– When Medivh, the Guardian is put into play you will benefit a 1 / 3 weapon in conjunction with Medivh’s very own presence at the board. Each time you solid a spell with the weapon prepared you may benefit a minion that fees the equal quantity as that spell. Your weapon loses a factor of Durability whenever this takes place although.

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Big Spell Mage deck list Full guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds in Jan 2018
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