Aggro Token Druid deck list & strategy

Aggro Token Druid deck Full list guide: Hearthstone, Kobolds in Jan 2018


Aggro Token Druid deck list & strategyOur Aggro Token Druid deck list guide functions the first-class deck listing for Season 46 (January 2018). Our Aggro Token Druid manual also includes Mulligan advice, card combos and approach pointers.

Aggro Token Druid is not a brand new Hearthstone deck via any manner in any way, but the launch of the Un’Goro enlargement brought pretty some new toys that made the archetyp substantially more effective than it had formerly been. The launch of different card units at some point of 2017 have only better the deck’s strengths, and as with maximum Druid decks it is an extremely powerful way of climbing the ladder inside the modern-day meta. It is, to be sincerely clear, one of the excellent decks in the game complete-stop right now.

In our big guide to playing a totally competitive version of this famous archetype we’ve were given an exceedingly strong and refined deck listing on the way to plough via the opposition with. We’ve also brought a quick evaluation of the method behind gambling the deck. Following that we have got a few Mulligan guidelines to help you get off to the great possible begin, along side a comprehensive breakdown of all of the mixtures you’ve got to play around with. We can’t pressure enough how critical it is you familiarise yourself with all of those as it’s a vital aspect of studying the deck.

It’s hard to mention whether or not or no longer Aggro Token Druid will continue to be as robust in the longer-term Kobolds and Catacombs meta, but we’ll preserve adding new insights to this manual for as lengthy as it’s relevant. We’d love to listen about your personal reviews with it within the remarks, so we will all get better at this one collectively! Let us realize of any refinements you’ve made as properly.


Aggro Token Druid continues to be an absolute powerhouse inside the present day meta and near the pinnacle of virtually anybody’s tier list. It’s extremely strong as properly, making it a great deck to put money into in case you’re lacking any cards – we have not visible a exchange to the fundamental listing for weeks now. Things may additionally trade within the future, of path, however right now this is an extremely dependable way to climb the ladder.

Aggro Token Druid deck list & strategy

Here’s an Aggro Token Druid deck list that we believe is the most consistently powerful one you can use at this stage of the Kobolds meta. We’ll be tracking this one for updates and will make sure you always have the most powerful version of it:

Druid Neutral
2 x Enchanted Raven 2 x Bloodsail Corsair
2 x Mark of the Lotus 2 x Dire Mole
2 x Druid of the Swarm 2 x Fire Fly
2 x Mark of Y’Shaarj 1 x Patches the Pirate
2 x Power of the Wild 2 x Dire Wolf Alpha
2 x Crypt Lord 2 x Southsea Captain
2 x Savage Roar 1 x Bittertide Hydra
2 x Living Mana 2 x Corridor Creeper

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You have a big variety of very reasonably-priced minor minions that you then buff up the use of your numerous spells. When exactly to buff your minions isn’t clean, even though you ought to preserve in thoughts the ability AOE clears that your opponent is probably able to utilize. In those conditions, you want to pick out the maximum awkward buff so as to go away your creatures out of attain.

When you are playing towards aggro warring parties board manage is king, and whoever manages to maintain onto the board will probably emerge as snowballing the board. If your minion will survive, make the trade and wish you draw into some buff spells in brief order.

Don’t be afraid to use Savage Roar to prevent things getting out of control both, and just maintain fielding new minions every time you can – you’re not likely to be dropped by means of AOE in opposition to an aggro opponent.

In manipulate healthy-ups, you are not going to have any hassle gaining manage of the board within the early sport, and it is a firm race to the finishing line in phrases of face damage. You can not waste any time pushing harm, as it’s best a depend of time till AOE or an obstructive minion comes into play.

Only make trades if it leaves you certainly beforehand on the board and with a further minion that would live to be buffed on a next turn.

One element it is well worth outlining here is how Living Mana works. When you cast this spell, you will summon 2/2 minions onto the board, and lose a Mana crystal for each one which spawns. When each one dies, you get your crystal lower back.

Note, but, that you could handiest have 7 minions lively at everybody time, so if you forged this on Turn 10 on an empty board, you will nevertheless have 3 Mana left to play with. Something to reflect onconsideration on whilst making plans out your Mana usage.

For more insight into what makes this deck tick, take a near glance through the combo phase toward the lowest of this web page.

Aggro Token Druid Mulligan guide
Any of your early-game minions make properly plays at the begin of the healthy. Enchanted Raven, Dire Mole, Fire Fly and Bloodsail Corsair are all outstanding keeps in particulary

If you’ve got The Coin, you would possibly do not forget retaining Druid of the Swarm because it gives you a huge quantity of flexibility. Either you could placed up a protecting wall (maximum usually), or you may eliminate a especially difficult early threat.

Aggro Token Druid pointers card mixtures and synergies
Here are all the massive combos you need to recognise approximately with Aggro Token Druid:

– If Patches the Pirate is sitting for your deck and now not your hand, Bloodsail Corsair or Southsea Captain will positioned it into play free of charge on the equal turn. Don’t neglect to use your price damage before finishing your turn!

– The following cards can all be used to show your mass of minions into a great deal stronger creatures: Mark of the Lotus, Power of the Wild and Savage Roar.

– Note the extra Beast card draw synergy that exists between Enchanted Rave / Dire Mole / Dire Wolf Alpha and Mark of Y’Shaarj. This is a very quality early-recreation play if you can pull the mix off.

– Crypt Lord gains an extra point of Health for each minion it is summoned after he is placed out onto the board.

– Watch your positioning of Dire Wolf Alpha. As a fashionable rule it is a terrific concept to hold one facet of the board to your smallest minions, and the other to your largest. That way you can drop the wolf between your weaker minions and feature the enhance cycle thru more than one minions in case you want to exchange into some thing big on the opposite side of the baord.

– When new card Corridor Creeper is to your hand, he will become one Mana less expensive for every minion at the board that dies. It may be really worth sacrificing a minor minion so as to make a larger participant usual.

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