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Fallout 4: Weapon Crafting Full Guide And Make the Best Gun

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You might also find our person creation manual beneficial, as well as our manual to base constructing and settlements. These two sport standards will pop up long earlier than you start changing your guns, so it’s excellent no longer to try to run before you may stroll. Plus, all of these mechanics are tied collectively in some manner, so that you must understand one to master the other.

Basics of Weapon Customization
Before you could customise your weapons, there are some things you’re going to want, and people are substances which you discover with the aid of looting and scrapping. We endorse that you start with Sanctuary, scrapping each single tree (wood) and automobile (metal) which you locate. You’ll want to make certain which you have lots of materials accessible before you try and personalize your guns, in any other case you gained’t be able to make even the smallest alteration.

You’re also going to want to make certain that you have the Armorer and Gun Nut perks, unlocked at stage 3 of the Strength and Intelligence classes. This will growth the number of options you have got at the same time as crafting.

If you don’t see the Weapon Workbench, wait until when you entire When Freedom Calls, a challenge that sees you carry some settlers again to Sanctuary after your preliminary experience to Concord. If you try before then, you may not locate the Weapons Workbench, or be able to engage and craft with it. Once you have got finished that venture, you’ll locate the Workshop for base constructing, Armor Workbench and Weapons Workbench under a vehicle port throughout the road out of your original residence in Fallout four. Once you build your base you could even flow these to another location in the same location, which include in the partitions of your base for safe maintaining.

Approach the Weapons Workbench and pick out Craft, you’ll be given a display screen that suggests your modern weapon stock. This will permit you to pick out a weapon which you wish to regulate, scrap a weapon if you have duplicates, or maybe rename one if you need to make certain that it’s smooth in an effort to become aware of while you are surfing via your Pip-Boy.

Along the left facet of the screen you’ll additionally see the modern information for that weapon, and at the right aspect you may see what changes are presently to be had for it. In a nutshell, this display screen is greater approximately giving you facts than the changes themselves.

Mod Slots
Your Mod Slots are the specific categories that you may adjust on a weapon. For this manual, we’ll just use the Pistol 10mm that you picked up in the War Never Changes challenge, even though we altered ours and referred to as it the Widow Maker. Here is a breakdown of the one of a kind slots and what they do.


Consider the receiver to be the body of your weapon, and the alternatives that you may alternate can considerably adjust the weapon’s overall performance to suit your play fashion. For example, you would possibly go with a Light Frame Receiver, which could lower the weight of the weapon, boom its value, and even lower the harm. That doesn’t sound overly attractive, so maybe you’d rather go with the Powerful Receiver. Scroll all the way down to that and you’ll notice that the Powerful Receiver amendment bumps the weapon’s damage from 17 to 27, however additionally will increase the burden. Of course, you have to have the substances required to make this variation, and those necessities may be located on the right facet of your display screen.


This modification within reason self-explanatory, at least in terms of which part of the gun you’re modifying. The barrel is probably to impact the Range and Accuracy of the weapon, and in case you’ve played through the first few missions you’ll recognise that staying at a distance is a key to survival. For this, we went with the Long Light Barrel, bumping up the Range and Accuracy (as well as Value) of our weapon. We’re no longer telling you how to construct the first-rate gun here, so search for stats with a purpose to compliment your precise play style in Fallout 4.


When it involves the Pistol 10mm, you’re going to have loads much less alternatives to paintings with, however the stats which might be affected additionally aren’t as plentiful. Expect the Accuracy and Weight to be the main things which can be altered whilst you change out the Grip. For the Pistol 10mm (we suggest Widow Maker), we opted for the Comfort Grip, partly due to the fact we simplest had the materials to make that modification on the time. That’s the thing with weapon customization in Fallout 4 – it’s no longer continually what you need to accomplish that lots as what you’ve got the potential to do.


The most effective changes you’ll see whilst you alter the Magazine of your weapon (as a minimum with the Pistol 10mm) is the Weight and Value. This one is natural desire on a participant-via-player foundation, so make some thing exchange you sense is essential, or that is worth making given your modern fabric scenario. 1


Again, you received’t see many modifications from the Sight that you placed on your weapon, but it’ll increase the Accuracy, that is a pretty huge deal no matter the way you take a look at it. Some of the options right here are going to require substances which are tough to return by means of, so make certain which you’re modifying the weapon which you really want to use. If you’re just making modifications for the sake of experimentation, you may discover that you don’t have the substances required to adjust your favourite weapon somewhere down the road.

The Muzzle of your weapon might be a game changer, and it will have an impact on the Range, Accuracy and Weight of the weapon you’re the usage of. If making a decision to go with the Suppressor alternative, you will additionally have the capacity to sneak inside and out of bushy situations without drawing attention to your self. This is a big benefit to have when you’re seeking to tackle a huge institution of Raiders, along with we did in The First Step, a assignment that was actual test of our skills early on.

Our recommendation could be to equip at the least one weapon with a Suppressor. This way you continually have the choice to head in quietly if need be

When it comes to enhancing your weapons, you simply have to spend a while getting to know the manner the system works. We’d endorse creating a shop point before you do something drastic, permitting you to move back and undo any changes that you definitely hate. You won’t assume it’s a huge deal, however given how few resources you’re possibly to locate scattered about, you could’t find the money for mistakes on the subject of crafting.

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