Destiny II On The Comms, Destroyer of Worlds & Legend of Acrius Full guide

Destiny II On The Comms, Destroyer of Worlds & Legend of Acrius Full guide

Destiny II On The Comms, Destroyer of Worlds & Legend of Acrius Full guide

In your efforts to combat back the onslaught of Cabal in Destiny 2, you might’ve received an exciting item in your stock known as On The Comms. It sits for your strength weapon slot, and if you take at the quest, you’ll must run thru the game’s first raid, Leviathan, to unlock the Exotic (yellow) shotgun, Legend of Acrius.

Getting get entry to to one of the most effective shotguns in the sport is no clean task. There’s a handful of steps concerned, so let’s show you a way to beat the On The Comms quest and ultimately, get you that uncommon shotgun.


Like many stuff in Destiny 2, the On The Comms quest item is a random drop you’ll get after beating a Cabal soldier. But fortuitously, considering maximum of it slow in the game will be dedicated to Cabal, you’ll sooner or later get this item via ordinary play.

Once you get the the On The Comms quest step, head over to Nessus and combat even extra Cabal. To get the Red Legion Communications items to drop, you want kill Cabal to receive random drops. Taking on any of the Public Events that function Cabal is the best way to farm those items. (You can study extra approximately these occasions in our Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events manual.)

Once you get the ones drops, On The Comms will alternate into a brand new item referred to as Destroyer of Worlds.


The Destroyer of Worlds item has a one requirement: Complete the Leviathan Raid. Completing raids in Destiny video games is not any small feat. To give you a hand, take a look at out our Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid manual.

After beating the raid, the Destroyer of Worlds item turns into but another item called the Imperial Invitation. Head to the Tower close to wherein Ikora and Hawthorne are. Head down a few stairs and talk with Benedict ninety nine-forty.

You’re a long way from carried out.

Benedict 99-forty will ship you on a changed version of the Arms Dealer Strike. This version isn’t any joke. It’s a 300-Power stage strike and has the Prism modifier (where elements rotate and guns with those elements are more potent) and Time Warp modifier (the map carries hidden floating squares of mild, which while destroyed, add 30 seconds on your timer).

Getting your Power level excessive sufficient to deal with a stage 300 strike is going to be tough. Thankfully, you could check out our Destiny 2 electricity leveling manual for help.

Finally, when you complete that strike, you’re rewarded the Legend of Acrius, an Exotic (yellow) shotgun. Legend of Acrius deals piercing damage which can hit a couple of enemy at a time. Sadly, it handiest has one shell in its magazine and doesn’t have many other trends.

To red meat up the shotgun, you’re going to ought to go on even greater quests. Buckle up.


Upon receiving the Legend of Acrius, you get but another quest item known as Back to the Bazaar. This quest will have you pass again to the Tower to speak with Benedict ninety nine-forty, who then offers you a quest called Cabal Killer. To whole it, you must:

Kill 25 Cabal any manner you like
Kill 15 Cabal at close range
Kill 10 Cabal without reloading
You can deal with these quests in a couple of approaches. We suggest both gambling the beginning of the Leviathan Raid once more, heading the Trostland inside the EDZ or returning to Nessus and doing the Cabal-associated Public Events once more. Accomplishing the ultimate assignment, “Kill 10 Cabal with out reloading,” is easy with the Legend of Acrius, so long as Cabal are bunched up and you can hit them with the shotgun’s unfold.

After killing all of these Cabal, you’re nonetheless now not performed. Return lower back to Benedict 99-forty and it’ll have simply one extra quest for you, His Highness’ Seal. This quest requires you to get again into the raid to “eliminate bosses and whole the raid” to get Emperor Seals. You’ll need one hundred of them.

At the time of this writing, the quest is bugged. Normally, the amount of dropped Emperor Seals you get hold of could handiest require about two runs of the Leviathan Raid to finish. But because of this trojan horse, one participant did complete this final quest … With the aid of beating the raid thirteen.5 times.

After completing the His Highness’ Seal quest, the Legend of Acrius may be entire. It’ll acquire a further bullet in its mag, bringing it up to two, and it’s going to get hold of a number of other improvements.

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Destiny II On The Comms, Destroyer of Worlds & Legend of Acrius Full guide
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