Destiny II guide

Destiny II guide: What to do with your extra Exotic armor, weapons

Destiny II guide

Getting an Exotic (yellow) Engram in Destiny 2 feels momentous. And it sincerely can be. They generally tend to have a pretty beefy Power degree, in order that they help to boom your Power, and that they normally include worthwhile greater buffs and perks.

All of that makes it simply tempting to preserve directly to the ones Exotics and just hold Infusing them again and again as you development. But there’s a hassle: You can only wear one piece of Exotic armor and convey one Exotic weapon at a time. And which means you’ll have a few choices to make.

Except you don’t. The first time you dismantle an Exotic is a little heartbreaking, but they become a victim of the consistent loot-chase that is Destiny 2 much like the whole thing else. But each Exotic you choose up and decrypt can be reacquired at any time for a quite cheap fee.


You can get to the vault on the Farm or at the Tower. Normally, this is in which you preserve extra stuff — or gear to percentage among characters. But in case you tab over to the right, you’ll see your Collections. The 2d one down is your Exotics Collection. Every Exotic you’ve ever gotten is right here, and you can repurchase them for a paltry 10 Legendary Shards every. They’ll come at a low Power stage, but you may simply infuse what you buy with some thing comparable to get it bumped lower back up to a beneficial point.

This method you can be a little pickier approximately which Exotics you maintain around the longest and which ones you can permit move for now.

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Destiny II guide: What to do with your extra Exotic armor, weapons
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