Destiny II Full guide & Resources

Destiny II Full guide & Resources, THE BASICS

Destiny II Full guide & Resources

Very planet, moon and centaur you visit in Destiny 2 has multiple matters to acquire. While the useful resource control isn’t always almost as intimidating because the first recreation, there’s still plenty going on. Most of it is quite clean to keep music of, however there’s still plenty to get careworn approximately.

Our Destiny 2 assets manual talks approximately what all the numerous consumable sources are (spoiler: they’re foreign money), where to discover them and who to present them to.

The reason to accumulate any of the sources in Destiny 2 is to offer them to someone else — an NPC that will usually provide you with an Engram in return. That’s it definitely.

Tokens are the maximum obvious aid you’ll stumble upon. They’re planet-particular (without difficulty identified by the call) and also you’ll get them for pretty lots the whole lot you do on a planet from Public Events to locating chests to doing Patrols, Adventures and Quests. If you’re now not paying attention, and we speak from enjoy here, you’ll end up with dozens and dozens of them.

You’ll change the diverse assets you select up like Dusklight and Datalettuce Datalattice to the neighborhood Faction Leader — at a worse trade rate. You’ll just should collect more of it to same one Token. You’ll also locate Rare variations of those assets which might be really worth more, but nevertheless no longer quite as an awful lot as a Token.

The gentleman sniper/silver fox Devrim Kay accepts Dusklight Shards and EDZ Tokens on Earth (inside the EDZ).
All enterprise (and a little uninteresting, frankly) Sloane accepts Alkane Dust and Arcology Tokens on Titan.
The different fan-favored Failsafe accepts Microphasic Datalattice and Nessus Tokens on Nessus.
The ever-crotchety Asher Mir accepts Phaseglass Needle and Io Tokens on Io.
There are other sources you’ll encounter as nicely. These aren’t planet-precise and also you’re in fee (in a manner) of whilst and in which you gather them.

Gunsmith Materials. When you dismantle a Rare (blue) or higher piece of equipment, you’ll get a few Gunsmith Materials in go back. You can exchange these in to a Gunsmith — both Arcite ninety nine-forty at the Farm or, later, Banshee-44 on the Tower — in change for a Legendary Engram much like the Tokens above.

Gunsmith Telemetry Data. If you’ve got the right Ghost Shell ready, you’ll be generating Gunsmith Telemetry Data with certain kills. This records acts like any other foreign money for increasing your Reputation with the Gunsmith(s).
Legendary Shards. When you dismantle a Legendary (purple) or better piece of equipment, you’ll get a few Legendary Shards. You can’t change these for Engrams, even though. You need them while you Infuse tools or as foreign money whilst Xur’s round.
Mod Components. When you dismantle (noticing a topic?) a Legendary (pink) mod, you’ll get a Mod Component. Two of these and 1000 Glimmer will get you a random Legendary armor or weapon mod from Banshee-44.

Bright Dust. When you dismantle (told you) whatever you got from a Bright Engram, you’ll get Bright Dust. This is a forex you can use with Tess Everis to buy things from the Eververse.
Once you complete the campaign, you’ll be able to meet (and do matters for) the contributors of the Vanguard, Zavala, Ikora and Cayde-6. Lord Shaxx shows up as well. They all have tasks for you to finish, however handiest Zavala and Shaxx will come up with Tokens for finishing their missions. Just just like the Faction Tokens above, you can turn them in for Engrams.

Vanguard Tactician Tokens. Completing Strikes will earn you Vanguard Tactician Tokens that you may provide to Commander Zavala.
Vanguard Research Tokens. When you complete Meditations for Ikora Rey, you’ll earn Vanguard Research Tokens.
Crucible Tokens. Competing inside the Crucible will earn you, unsurprisingly, Crucible Tokens. These go to Lord Shaxx.
Emporer Calus Tokens. You’ll earn these tokens by using participating in Destiny 2’s first Raid, Leviathan. Once you efficaciously complete the raid (and handiest once you entire it effectively), you may use them with the marvel supplier in the tunnels underneath the Tower.
Occasionally, amassing Planetary Resources might be a each day Challenge on a planet. You’ll have to run round and discover 10 of whatever is on that planet to finish one of the duties. But for the maximum part, you’ll be the usage of them to growth your Reputation.

Every time you fill your Reputation bar with this kind of NPCs, you’ll get a Legendary (purple) Engram in return. Since those Engrams’ Power level generate based on your Power, they’re a great manner to get desirable gear.

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Destiny II Full guide & Resources, THE BASICS
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