Destiny II Full guide & Best Titan Exotic armor

Destiny II Full guide & Best Titan Exotic armor

Destiny II Full guide & Best Titan Exotic armor

Exotic armor portions in Destiny 2 can absolutely change the manner you play your elegance. Titan’s Exotics aren’t great or horrible. Their Exotics aren’t as bad as Warlocks, however Hunters have some distance greater alternatives. Here are the 3 great Titan exotics.


Actium War Rig slowly reloads a part of your equipped vehicle rifle’s mag.

If you don’t like or use auto rifles, this isn’t the chest piece for you. However, in case you are an car rifle consumer (and also you should be, considering how effective they’re) this chest piece will enhance your damage in step with 2nd.

In PvE (participant as opposed to environment), you could use this on boss fight like Calus to get extra skulls or shoot him extra while not having to reload. In PvE, you may shoot for even longer, making duels simpler if you aren’t the satisfactory shot.


Crest of Alphi Lupi reasons your barrier to heal you and also makes your Super generate an additional Orb of Light.

This is a tremendous Exotic if you want survivability. While it’s decent in PvE (that more Orb may be very useful), this chest shines in PvP (participant versus participant). You will regularly locate your self in duels wherein you’re capable of run at the back of cowl, pop a barricade and finish out the duel together with your newfound fitness.

For sport sorts like Survival and Control in Crucible, this is one of the nice Exotics you could have.


Dunemarchers growth strolling velocity. After going for walks for a while, your next melee attack will chain to additional enemies.

Like a few of the different rapid Exotics, the additional impact pales in contrast to the mobility. Being capable of run rapid to targets in PvE and PvP can assist your group. For Trials of the Nine and wellknown Crucible, those must be your go-to Exotics. For PvE, run these in the Gauntlet or throughout Nightfalls.

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Destiny II Full guide & Best Titan Exotic armor
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