Destiny II Full guide & Best Hunter Exotic armor

Destiny II Full guide & Best Hunter Exotic armor

Destiny II Full guide & Best Hunter Exotic armor

Exotic armor portions in Destiny 2 can absolutely exchange the way you play your magnificence. Hunters have a number of the fine Exotics in the game. In truth, a number of the Hunter Exotics are so suitable that your training and subclasses can sense underpowered without them. Here are the three fine Hunter Exotics.


Celestial Nighthawk reasons your Golden Gun to fire one shot rather than 3. However, it does a ways extra harm than all three pictures combined. Celestial Nighthawk is easily the great PvE (participant versus environment) Exotic in Destiny 2.

For PvP (player versus participant), we think this helmet is absolutely useless. Please forget about it.

In PvE, Celestial Nighthawk can deal extra harm straight away than whatever else in Destiny 2. On Calus, Hunters the usage of this helmet frequently deal 200,000 greater harm than their teammates. The identical earrings true for the puppies or even the censors in the Leviathan raid. This helmet is even super for the Gauntlet combat because it may kill Centurions in a single shot. In Nightfalls, it kills bosses in no time. In Public Events it does the identical.

This Exotic is amazing. If you have got it, you should use it.


Each enemy that you tether with Shadowshot refunds part of your Shadowshot cooldown. If you hit a collection of eight or so enemies, you’ll immediately refill your meter.

This is any other brilliant PvE Exotic which you truely shouldn’t use in PvP. But for Public Events or some other large group activity like Nightfalls, those boots are terrific. Being able to link all enemies in a single fight together is great, however being able to do it once more only some seconds later is even better.


Foetracer exhibits and marks enemies which you deal harm to. You additionally do elevated harm to low health enemies.

The harm here is quite negligible, that’s what makes Foetracer a more often than not PvP Exotic. Putting on Foetracer feels a piece like cheating in Trials of the Nine or other sport modes. If you hit an enemy, you could see them even thru walls. Because you may almost see through the surroundings, you could begin capturing at an enemy who previously ran away before they turn the nook to reengage you.

This is effortlessly the high-quality PvP Exotic in the sport, and also you should equip it earlier than leaping into the Crucible.

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Destiny II Full guide & Best Hunter Exotic armor
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