Xbox Live Error Codes

Xbox Live Error Codes Guide: 0x87e107ed & 0x87e107d7

Xbox Live Error Codes

Many XBOX ONE & Xbox One X owners are facing error codes when attempting to do things in the Xbox Live realm. These error codes include ones like 0x87e107d7 & 0x87e107ed. Though slightly different from each other in appearance, the root cause of these & other error codes stem from the same core problem.

This problem is one that every single owner of an Xbox console is facing right now. Thankfully, we have an explanation for what is going on with Microsoft’s online service & why it’s creating error codes like 0x87e107ed & 0x87e107d7 for many users. If your error code begins with 0x87 or 0x80, then you are also affected.

Xbox Live Error Codes 0x87e107ed 0x87e107d7 0x87e10804 & More Explained:

If you are receiving error codes like 0x87e107ed & 0x87e107d7, you have done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, the Xbox Live service is being potentially attacked by a DDoS attack at the moment. The exact cause has yet to be determined, but it is speculated to be a direct attack on the online service.


Thankfully, this attack is very limited. Currently, you should still be able to sign in & access online multiplayer for games like PUBG without much problem. But, what is affected right now is the online Xbox store. This means that you are unable to access features like using codes, purchasing games, & downloading games.

Xbox Live Error Codes 0x87e107ed & 0x87e107d7 & 0x87e10804 & More Fix:

This means that many of you that might be wanting to purchase hot games like PUBG or redownload titles you already own like backwards compatible Xbox 360 games are currently unable to do so. It is also affecting some digital games you already own that have to be online. As this is something that is completely in Microsoft’s hands, there is little you can do at the moment except wait patiently.

However, there is one place that you will want to keep refreshed. You can always check the status of the Xbox Live servers at this link. Keep checking that pretty frequently, so you will know when you can access the store as soon as it’s back up. It will also save you the time it would take to open back up the store & attempt to purchase a game.


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Xbox Live Error Codes Guide: 0x87e107ed & 0x87e107d7
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