Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 – The Sith Lords Xbox

Infinite Lightsaber:

(This cheat most effective works in case you do not kill Vrook right away and keep Khoonda.) After you kill Azkul and your conversation with the administrator you may begin your talk with Vrook. Talk approximately the aftermath of your trial. Press him to inform you what occurred and in the end a communique strand where you ask whether or not you have got the right to recognize will seem. Select it after which the communique will give up abruptly after he’s completed talking, however you may receive a lightsaber in a while. Talk to him once more and he’ll act as if Khoonda has simply been saved. Repeat the preceding conversation as in many instances you need the lightsabers.


On the Ebon Hawk once you spar with Handmaiden she might not be carrying any clothes. Dress yourself, then tell her to place some on. You can sell those robes and repeat the procedure indefinitely.


After beating Mira or Hanharr, exit the pit via the door then undergo another door on the left. After you go through this door and defeat the enemies within, stroll into the wall at once opposite the door you just got here via and press A when your reticule turns blue.


Find the damaged speeder inside the refugee camp on Narshadaa and deploy a navigation interface (you could purchase one from a droid supplier). Don’t repair some thing else or deploy another components. You must get 400 exp and the navigation interface again. Rinse, wash, repeat.


After stepping into the name of the game tomb on Korriban, go in till you get near the part wherein Kreia is available in. Near that is a room that has a lifeless jedi in it. Every time you open it 2 hsissis will come(warning: in case you click it too much the sport will freeze. Keep after every degree or so). You can do that to max out your health and stats.


Everytime you speak to the final handmaid in the Jedi base on Telos you may gain mild aspect factors, so long as you do not say something impolite.

Against droids, packing containers, and locked or busted doors the plasma torch is fundamental.

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords Xbox
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