Fable Xbox Cheats (2018)

Enter KRUNK or JEREMY D as a name to peer a few humorous messages.


Ok, after you have crushed Jack and you’ve got got that nasty choice of ‘trash the sword or kill your sister’, do not do something. Pause and Hero Save, then load the store. You should be taken again to earlier than you fight Jack, however you’ll have the Sword of Aeons for your stock. Once you waste Jack once more (use the sword, genius!), you’ll get a 2d Sword of Aeons. Toss that one inside the vortex and permit the credit roll. After they’re completed, you must be a great guy and have the Sword of Aeons, so you can nevertheless do the Secret Sword challenge. The most effective bummer is which you can’t pull this off and nonetheless be evil.

Enter any house and sleep. Simply run out of the residence before the display is going black to avoid tresspassing.

Buy a house and enhance it absolutely, then lease it out. Break returned into the residence and sleep in the mattress, and cash will appear in front of the house. Repeat!

If you are going through off against some trolls and you’re kinda low stage for them, stand back some yards and hit the rocks they throw again at them for right damage and talent factors!


You’re going to need a first rate sum of begin-up cash before doing this. Go to the Temple of Avo and store the game. Then go to the pedastal and donate all of your coins. Right after, press A speedy to spark off the pedastal one once more. If summoned rapid sufficient, it’s going to say that you have all of your coins. Then select to donate not anything. You will still get the Good Points, however free of charge. Do this over and over again to lower your age, the name of Paladin, and Sentinus.


Buy a sincerely satisfactory maritial home, just like the one in Hook Coast or Knotthole glade. If you don’t have acsess to those locations, any maritial home will paintings. Take your pleasant trophy and positioned it on the plaque inside the residence. Go outdoor and promote the house. Break returned into the house, steal the trophy, go again out, and buy the house once more. You will make as a whole lot cash as your trophy is well worth, plus you can try this over and over once more for limitless coins.


Start the hunt where you have to shop the little boy from the hob-cave. Once you get to the rose cottage region, make your manner to the circle at the left of the cottage. Don’t talk to the girl there, instead dig up the floor and you must receive a silver key. From there, save your sport and reload. You’ll have the important thing to your stock, however you could dig up any other. This may be repeated, however the maximum keys you will ever want is 25.

More Silver Keys:

While doing the graveyard quest and getting Nostro’s armor, visit the first little lake and use your fishing rod to get the primary key, then visit the nearest crypt, internal there’s a coffin with the second interior it, now cross outside and to the left and you’ll see 4 graves, dig on the second one to get the 0.33 key. Then depart the place and the sport will ask if you wish to quit the project. Answer “Yes” and you will seem in Headsman Hill, with the three keys. Go again to the graveyard and repeat.


Take the arena quest and go through the first 7 ranges (after defeating the rock trolls). When requested in case you would love to keep or pass lower back to the cells press B to head returned to the cells. Save your hero and do it all again.


This method nets you way greater experience, but no cash. Toward the cease of the game when you have to chase Jack through the portals to maintain him from getting the Sword of Aeons, take a while. The monsters will hold spawing for ever and ever. Kill them for so long as you need. You also can increase a depraved combat multiplier doing this.


To reap Avo’s Tear (Ancient Sword), visit Maze’s quarters inside the guild building. One of the books you may study contains the place of the sword. It’s located within the guild’s courtyard, in a circle of graves. You’ll must dig one of the graves up to find it.

Find the Temple of Skorm. There might be clergymen within the temple. Talk to the priest nearest to the sacrifice bowl. He will tell you not to convey him items, however followers. Teleport to BowerStone South. Find the bar, lease the man to help you fight. Teleport returned to the temple, and sacrifice the person. You also can head to Twin Blades camp, have absolutely everyone observe you to the temple (just ensure to maintain jogging), and sacrifice them all. Either manner, preserve sacrificing fans till the priest offers you a bow called Skorm’s Bow. It has a harm of 264 (+24) and is really worth 54,720 gold. You must be able to kill Jack easly with this bow.

The pesky townsfolk say you can not buy homes such as the Tavern. All you need to do is hire each evil henchmen, one in Bowerstone and one in Twinblades Camp. Make sure you have heal life and express regret (so for all you evil-doers available do some precise for as soon as!). Commit against the law and your henchmen will begin to kill humans, address the guards, have them kill the store proprietors and purchase the homes in a while.

Use Berserk at any non quest time in the game, then international save it, then load store 1. If executed proper your character will remain cumbersome until you operate Berserk once more.

Use the lamp that you bought for graduating from the Heroes’ Guild. Rewards: Elixir of Life, Tattoo, a few books

Either emerge as absolutely evil, or homicide several humans in front of the door. It will also open if you consume sufficient Crunchy Chick food at the same time as status before it. Reward: Wellow’s Pickhammer

Give this door any present. Reward: Will User’s Bright Suit

Have an lively fight multiplier of 14 or extra while standing earlier than the door. Try killing hobbes at the Hobbe Cave front after which quick moving to the Greatwood Cave place and killing the enemies there. Don’t neglect to cast Physical Shield. Reward: Cutless Bluetane

Accept the assignment and defeat the Hobbes. Reward: Will User’s Dark Suit

Become obese by using ingesting pies or beef with a full fitness bar. Reward: Will Master’s Elixir

Marry Mayor Lady Grey with the aid of finishing the Mayor’s Invitation quest. Reward: Ronok the Axe

Come to the door wearing Bright Plate Mail (everyday or dark won’t paintings), Will Dark Clothes, and Bandit Gear. The Plate can be bought on the Arena, the Dark suit is behind the Darkwood Marshes Demon Door, and the Bandit Gear may be located in the Abandoned Road area. Reward: The Dollmaster’s Mace

Finish the Archaeologist’s quest. The door’s name is H-I-T-S. Rewards: Health augmentation, Chainmail Leggings, Resurrection phial, Howl tattoo, books, sapphire, ruby

Land a effective blow on the door with a ranged weapon. The Multi-Arrow spell need to do the trick, or any bow Ebony or better. You can repeat this for more elixirs. Reward: Elixir of Life

Kill your sister on the stop of the game. When the credit roll and you can play once more, you’ll have the sword.

Katana Hiryu:
Marry Lady Grey then get 15 keys. Enter the mansion in Bowerstone North, and cross interior her bed room. In her bed can be one silver key and the chest interior her room includes the Katana.

The Murren Greataxe:
Break open the lighthouse door together with your weapon after which go all the way to the pinnacle. There might be a chest that wishes 15 keys.

Get it on with Lady Grey:
When you marry Lady Grey, purchase as a minimum 6 Sapphires, 3 bins of sweets, a crimson rose, and at the least four black roses. When she asks for a gift, supply her the sort of, and keep doing it, until she says some thing like she’s the happiest woman within the international. She can have a green glow approximately her, then have interaction with her and click on the message “Hop in Bed with Your Wife”.

Get It On With Lady Gray for Free:
Ok so in case you’ve already performed all of the stuff to marry the mayor then yipee you probably did it! However then you definately noticed she may not comply with you for nothing (aside from luxurious presents). Well all you have to do is at midnight due to the fact that she’s not outdoor (and manifestly inside) cross into HER room in HER house and retain to flirt with her, (you may prob ought to wait longer if you never see her, provide her presents etc. But handiest via a further 30 seconds or so) while a green charisma apears round her she’ll convey up going to mattress, at that time you speak to her and it’ll ask you in case you need to go to bed together with your wife, WINK* Wink* Have Fun

Lady Greys Necklace:
When you want to marry woman grey, she asks you to do many responsibilities. One of that is to find her necklace that was stolen from her. First you have got to speak to all the men in Bowerstone North, the one of them will tell you that it become closing said to be in Oakvale. Go and file this to lady grey who then asks you to fetch it for you. Accept her task then buy a spade ( you can get one in Twinblades Elite camp), go to oakvale and dig in between the two damaged boats on the ocean shore. Then you may have the necklace.
When your hero is a teenager and has finished the ranged, melee, and magic training sessions he could be tested via Maze. When Maze asks you to melee stand at a distance and fill him with arrows as an alternative. He will in no way die, and you may in no way stop gaining ability factors.

When your hero is a teenager he can be challenged to race to the Guild Hall demon gate and again in a positive amount of time. Once you get the stick, you may genuinely beat the challenger and knock him closer to the gate, making the race less difficult to win. You additionally benefit dark points this manner.

Begin a quest and gather all the objects, loot, and money you may. Then, hero save and reload the quest earlier than finishing. You may be returned to the beginning of the search, but keep all the objects and loot you received.

This make the most works especially well for the duration of the Bandit Assault quest at Knothole Glade. Before commencing the gates, cruise around city and scouse borrow all of the gadgets you could. Then Hero Save, reload, and scouse borrow them once more! Easy cash.

Equip the spade to a D-button, then positioned your lower back to anything door you need to skip through and begin digging. Note: This trick will not work in case you cannot dig into the ground you are status on.

When you get to the ultimate saving point of the game, save files then move fight Jack. Once you kill Jack, kill your sister and then you may have the Sword of Aeons. Save simplest on one of the saved documents. Then load the stored record wherein you have not fought Jack, after you kill Jack then throw the Sword of Aeons into the vortex.

White balverine in three hits:
When at the Knothole Glade quest with the balverines and the lady palms you a silver augmentation, shop the game and start the search over to get 2 augmentations, positioned them each to your weapon, and in 3 hits he’ll die.

1 Hit White Balverine:
Get as plenty accuracy as you could (in all likelihood lvl five whilst you get to him) and then get as much multiple shot you may get (likely handiest lvl 2). When you do the white balverine quest, make sure you’ve got an ebony bow, in view that its the nice you may get before getting to the white balverine, and while you get to the wife who gives you the silver augmentation, shop and load the sport, and get some other one. Positioned each into your bow, then visit kill the balverine. When he runs out of the metropolis by using the small lake, load your bow, pull it back, and as you pull it returned, keep protecting X and just run over to him (make certain you operate you more than one arrow before beginning to drag lower back) whilst you get subsequent to him, launch X to shoot the hell outta him. He’ll grow to be death earlier than he can summon his little balverines at you. If you don’t kill him in one hit, then he’s going to have approximately 1mm of existence left, so 1 low shot will finish him but in case you don’t turn out to be killing him in a single hit, he’s going to turn out to be summoning all of his little balverines right now, and they will gang up on ya. He may also be able to get in a couple hits before you could shoot.

Evil Landlord = Infinite Money:
Go into any metropolis and start killing absolutely everyone, ( I endorse killing each person right away.) Eventually you will see a dialog box, “A residence/keep/tavern is up on the market” Simply go away the location, come back and wait round for the guards to loosen up and cross look around the city to look which house became up for sale and buy it. [For Bowerstone North and South, you have to be a lot stronger.] You will don’t have any guns for both Bowerstone’s BUT you still can get every house AND save. Simply have the guards attack you when you do some random crime, but cover at the back of some harmless bystander and the guards will “by chance” kill them through capturing them with their arrows. If you don’t need to be honestly evil, you can do a really small crime and feature the guards kill all the citizens inside the other cities. Once you have completed shopping for almost each house, truly sleep in any residence or tavern for 3 days. Go to every metropolis and pick out up all of the gold. Repeat the method as usually as desired. I even have over 1 million gold from doing this trick. P.S. Did you marry Lady Gray but you hate her now? Do the identical tactic with the guards on Lady Gray and this takes a LOOONG time, but in the end after anough harm she ought to die.

How to Steal Easily:
First you ought to have enough guile to have the thieve expression. Go to a bar and purchase approximately 7 beers(not beer kegs). Then set the beer to a D-pad button. Get right next to the shopowner and provide him all 5 beers. He then might be inebriated. Simply walk into him and lead him out the door.This may take some time. If so, as soon as he is outdoor, deliver him the opposite 2 beers. Then pass into the store, and no one may be in there. Then you can thieve the entirety on show.

Infinite Money and Skill Points:
Go to the produce store in Oakvale. Wait until they have full stock of some thing (utilize the close by resort to rest till that time. If there’s not anything in full inventory, visit the little keep at the entrance to Bowerstone south. Once you discover some thing reasonably-priced like carrots in full inventory, Buy it ALL. Then promote it back for a premium. Repeat that time and again. Once you’ve got sufficient loot for larger and higher stuff, purchase the full stock, go to a resort, watch for restocking, buy all of it and sell ALL of it lower back. I virtually advise selling Emeralds at Oakvale for a high rate. This will even increase your skill points. Its a brief easy way to get countless amounts of cash.

LOTS Of Ruby´s And EXP

When you are strong enough, and earth golem appears in the front of the Hobbe Den. Activate your Shield (Good), or Berserk (Evil) so he can´t knock you down. Then kill him. You benefit EXP a ruby. Then go into the Hobbe Den, kill a few, and move outside. Another Golem will seem. Repeat.
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