Dungeons And Dragons, Heroes FAQ And Walkthrough

Prisons and Dragons Heroes


Form 2.0

25 Sep 2007

For XBox

by Lee Beng Hai

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(c) Copyright 2003-2007 by Lee Beng Hai.

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1. Presentation

2. Development and Control

3. Tips and Tricks

4. Character Classes

5. Walkthrough

6. Affirmation

7. References

8. Update History

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1. Presentation

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This is an entirely direct diversion. A gathering of uninformed pastor oversaw

to raise the malice Kaedin from the grave. The recently revived Kaedin did

what villians did and wiped them hard and fast and continue with his endeavor to

control the world. You are one of the 4 saints that had killed Kaedin numerous

quite a while back. The pastor raised you from the grave and requests that you overcome


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2. Development and Control

– – – – –

Essential Control

Left Thumb Stick – character development

Right Thumb Stick – modify camera edge, mostly to zoom in and out.

Tap on the Right Thumb Stick to show a guide.

Begin – Display control screen. Use to load and spare amusements.

Back – Character Status screen: Inventory, Statistics, Quest, and so on.

A – Action 1, client determinable

B – Action 2, client determinable

X – Basic Attack

Y – Item, client determinable

White – Drink Health Potion

Dark – Drink Mystical Will Potion

Left Trigger – Block

Right Trigger – Press and hold, at that point utilize the thumb stick to choose the

spell/activity/thing for catch A, B and Y.

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3. Tips and Tricks

– – – – –

Utilize the Map

Individuals who had not perused the manual will most likely never get some answers concerning the

outline. To locate every single shrouded territory, search for region in the guide that looks


Level Up Points

You can spare the level up focuses or utilize them instantly. Endeavor to boost

the aptitudes you utilized frequently. Uninvolved Traits are for the most part superior to dynamic

qualities. Choosing qualities and abilities are critical at first, yet by the

time you achieve level 40, you would have procured each and every characteristics and


On the off chance that you begin another character and played a solitary player amusement from begin to

end, your character will most likely achieved level 32 or thereabouts.


Proposed Traits to take up:

Oppose Fire (80)

Oppose Cold (80)

Oppose Poison (80)


Psyche Over Body

Mythical beast’s Toughness

Enhanced Critical

Internal Strength

External Strength

Wear Plate Armor

Weapon abilities that enhance your Ancestral Weapon

– – –

Use Daggers

Use Quarterstaff

Use War Hammer

Use Long Sword (provided by Phil Knight)

Abilities and Magic

Since there is just 2 Active catches, there is truly no should be a Jack

of All Trades. Simply pick an essential Skill and max that. Pick an optional

aptitude if your essential ability is deficient.

Run Attack

In the diversion, a portion of the Bosses required a went assault to take them out.

In this manner it is important to gain an extended assault on the off chance that you are playing

skirmish characters, for example, a Cleric or Fighter.

Wizard – no issue, most spell assault from a separation.

Rebel – she had a bow and numerous bolts assault.

Pastor – A great pick is Stick to Snakes. I recommend that you amplify this


Warrior – I had not played a contender, but rather taking a gander at the aptitudes, he

most likely needed to utilize tossed weapons in those circumstances. So keep some tossed

weapons in the stock.


You ought to take in the 360-degree finisher for your character. This is valuable

in the Floating Castle where your spells will be less helpful.


The majority of the things are very pointless contrasted with your aptitudes.

Tossed weapons – they are typically overwhelming and you have to point them. This is

for the most part not helpful unless you don’t have an extended assault.

Wellbeing Potion – these are well done. The impact is momentary. Squeezing

the white catch will drink from the littlest container. Keep no less than 50 of

them with you consistently.

Mysterious Will Potion – these are great. You don’t typically require heaps of them

unless you make bets of spells. Keep no less than 50 with you consistently.

Skeleton Keys – they are expected to open bolted chest. Keep around 50 of

them with you constantly. Those found in the diversion won’t be adequate

for you to open each bolted chest. Get them from the Castle Shoppe.

Twist Stone – these are basic, utilizing them (squeeze ‘B’) at a spare point

will open a gateway to the Castle Shoppe at the manor. You can offer you

additional things to help your weight since you had a constrained convey limit.

Wonder Rod – these are incredible, it will in a flash reestablish you to most extreme HP

furthermore, Mystical Will. Weighs 1.5 stone each however.

Raise Dead Amulet – these are proportional to additional lives. You don’t have to

get them, those gathered amid amusement play ought to be adequate to last you

through the diversion. In the event that you had the special necklace and kicked the bucket amid the amusement, press

‘begin’ when you will be back with full wellbeing and full Mystical Will.


Every Strength +1 to your character expands the conveying limit by 20

stones. The better protective layers are overwhelming, if conceivable, prepare things or

protective layers that expands your Strength. Then again, you can visit the

Château Shoppe frequently by utilizing the Warp Stone to offer your additional things.

Here’s the means by which to do it:

Simply spare the amusement, stack the diversion and you will be at a spare point, utilize the

Twist Stone to open an entrance. Experience the entrance and you will be at the

Château Shoppe. Auction the additional things for some money.

Soul Shades

There are 20 of them in the amusement. Each time you gather 5 of them, your

Hereditary Weapon will enhances by one level. Fundamentally, they will accomplish more

harm, have better possibility of doing basic amid an assault. Each class

will likewise be given a characteristic lift in their prime details.

For the individuals who are playing the amusement a moment time. You keep all already

gathered Soul Shards. Those Soul Shards found before can at present be

gathered however they don’t add to the Soul Shard check. So you truly require

to discover every one of the 20 distinctive Soul Shards all together for your Ancestral Weapon to

achieve its full capacity.

Here’s the rundown of Soul Shards area that I had duplicated from a post (12

Dec 2003) by Leona from BOB discussion [1]. Afterward, it is discovered that the rundown

begin from a post (22 Sep 2003) by soulforger90 (Scott Irwin) from

GameFAQs D&D Heroes discussion [2].

Area of each of the 20 Soul Shades by soulforger90. Notes are included by me.

1. Tombs – Magic Repository

2. Lower Crypts – Secret Area after where you discover the Ankh and just some time recently

the arrangement of entryways you open. The mystery range is on the right-hand side.

3. Bog – From the begin of the level remain to the correct side and you will

locate a little way driving right. It’s in that spot.

4. Palace Baele – Enter through Castle Treasury and take burrow into the

Asylum. On work area in room.

5. Château Baele – Church of Pelor. Remain outwardly of the congregation and go

around back and keep running up against the back divider. You will open a mystery entryway.

The shard is in it!

(Note: The area of the mystery entryway is slantingly inverse the area

of the passageway to this region. Search for the second divider from the corner. The

mystery entryway is open by pushing.)

6. Château Dungeon – Hall of Guards. Mystery Area on the left-hand side of

room after you opens way to corridor of gatekeepers.

7. Château Dungeon – Portal Area at begin there is a spare point and a Shard

appropriate opposite it. It is before you battle the Beholder.

8. Yuan-Ti Wilds – Secret Area (gap in ground) that is left of the exit to

the King’s Fort.

9. Lords Fort – On top where the last weight plate is to open the doors

to the enormous tree.

10. Treetops – On Stump before door to Inner Sanctum. (Has 4 shaded

markers before it.)

11. Metalworks – SMELTERS AREA – over the third walkway. You have to

go past the zone to the COOLING ROOMS and crush some containers to get to it.

(Note: From access to Cooling Rooms, walk right and search for 2 boxes.)

12. Metalworks – COOLING AREA – Smash all the moving apparatuses (zone with

scaffolds and one precious stone on connect) to discover mystery territory. It is the second

range on the left-hand side of the room.

13. Metalworks – DIE CAST AREA – On the Fire Giant Chieftains honored position.

14. Frostbound – On upper edge straightforwardly up from the beginning stage. You

need to get to the upper territory and walk the distance around.

15. Frostbound – BARBARIAN FORTRESS – Down stepping stool right of the passage to

the fortification.

16. Upper Graveyard – In WEE JAS’ Tomb in a mystery entryway in the floor. Last

room in his tomb really. At that point in center of mystery territory.

(Note: push the divider to open the mystery entryway)

17. Bone Temple – When you come to entryway that is bolted and needs you to hit

the two weights plates (one to one side, one to one side,) Past the privilege

weight plate zone is a Secret Area. It’s in there.

18. Bone Bridge – Near exit to Lich on the Left

19. Shadow Keep – There is an entryway that requirements two levers pulled. You travel

right or left to hit a switch…it’s past the left-hand side switch through

some water channels.

20. East Grand Hall – Go to the stay with the shining mass of blue enchantment

(that always shoots at you). at that point make a beeline for the room on the right…it’s

a major room and the best way to can proceed through the level. (NOTE:

there are two passages to this level.) Then you’ll be in a decent estimated

room. Hit the crates on against the divider and you’ll naturally hit the

Mystery Door. Go in and you’ll discover the shard.

(Note: the place is a square live with 3 exits. The fourth divider had a few

boxes. Crush the containers at that point hit the stopping point behind to uncover the mystery range)


You can spare whenever amid the time aside from when you are battling with

a Boss. When you reload the diversion, you will be at the last spare point. Spare


Trouble Level

When you had finished the amusement, the Nightmare trouble level is show

be that as it may, it is turned gray out. As indicated by Silent Bob, the mode can be opened by

utilizing a cheat code. The code can be found at GameFAQs DND Heroes Code

Section[3], I will simply put it here for fulfillment purpose.

Press Y, An and Left Trigger at the same time.

Code to open bad dream mode: MPS LABS

Note that after you alter the trouble level, it is important to press

the ‘Begin’ catch to spare the settings generally, the trouble level

won’t changed.

When contrasting the Normal and Hard level. It appeared that there are more

adversaries in the Hard level, be that as it may, they don’t appeared to have additional HP or


Bringing in your characters

– –

When you begin another diversion, you can look through the choice until you

see the heap amusement choice. You can utilize any of your characters in recreations spared

prior. Along these lines, you can begin with some effective characters. This is

helpful on the off chance that you expect to play the amusement at the harder trouble level such

as Nightmare.

Note: Those Soul Shards that you had gathered remains. Be that as it may, gathering

a Soul Shard that you had gathered before does not build the Soul

Shard check. In this manner, you can just get every one of the 20 Soul Shards be finding each

also, every one of them.

– – – – –

4. Character Classes

– – – – –

I didn’t play the amusement utilizing all character classes. Up until now, I had as it were

completed the Wizard, Cleric and Rogue. Will complete the Fighter later on the off chance that I

had time.

Note: Save your amusement after you had gained some Skill Points. Allocate it to

an ability and test it out. In the event that you don’t care for it, reload the amusement and allot

it to another ability. A few abilities are just valuable after it had gone up by

adequate levels.


The wizard is effectively the most intense character in the amusement. She had both

since quite a while ago extended assault and short-ran assault. Fire, Ice and Poison based

assaults. In most case, you can take out the foes even before they are

close to you. The Magic Missile is effectively the most intense spell since they

are homing rockets.

Consuming Hands (1 MW) – This spell can stream always. Simply press and

hold the catch and fire will shoot out from the wizard hands. This is a

Or maybe short-went spell, so I don’t utilize it much. On the off chance that the adversaries are close

enough for the spell to hit, at that point you should utilize your skirmish weapon.

Whirlwind – The wizard had this spell naturally. It bargains zero harm

also, scarcely moderates the foes. This spell is futile.

Enchantment Missile (5 MW) – Maximize this at the earliest opportunity. These homing

rockets will track foes and they managed around 20+ harm each. The

throwing delay is short so you can cast it quickly. At Level 4, there

are 5 enchantment rockets for every throwing. In any case, don’t utilize it against quick moving

adversaries, for example, figures of grotesqueness, it will invest excessively energy following it and

in the long run misses.

Ice Sphere (45 MW) – This is a decent auxiliary spell. The throwing delay is

very long, so you can’t quickly cast this. It can take out different

foes in the way of the circle. Exceptionally valuable against the Red Dragon.

Fireball (10 MW) – I attempted this on the troll, at level 3 it can bargain about

100 harm. Be that as it may, the trolls had around 50 so it is needless excess. It detonates

upon contact and harms all foes around it. This could be a pleasant spell

in the Frostbound. I don’t utilize it frequently on the grounds that you can miss the objective.

This is an incredible spell again the Frost Worm however.

Globe of Invulnerability (10 MW) – This is a decent protective spell. It will

ingest a segment of the harm done to the wizard. In any case, it just endures

for a brief length.

Rest (12 MW) – With this spell, you place foes before you to rest

for a brief timeframe. You can assault them voluntarily while they are resting. Not

truly helpful since you can bring them out with a Magic Missile.

Hover of Cold (30 MW) – This spell harm all adversaries that are encompassing

the wizard. More elevated amount expands the range and harm done by the spell.

It may be helpful when foes encompass you.

Cloudkill (10 MW) – This is a focused on spell, i.e. you should press the

catch, point the cursor, than discharge the catch for the spell to trigger. I

discover this somewhat irritating so in this way I don’t utilize it much. More elevated amount

expands the range and harm done.

Vampiric Drain (28 MW) – Another focused on spell. Empty some HP out of all the

foes inside range to mend yourself. It will keep on draining life from

foes for a brief timeframe. Can be valuable in the event that you are assaulting

foes from far. Be that as it may, the objective may be hindered by hindrance and you

would had squandered the spell on nothing. I don’t discover it excessively helpful. Drinking

a wellbeing elixir is less demanding.

Meteor Swarm (55 MW) – This is a focused on spell. It had exceptionally pleasant unique

impact of various meteors hitting your focused on spot. Be that as it may, all things considered

those favor impact, much of the time the foes will even now be alive and

kicking. Why? This is on the grounds that the meteor is gone for your objective, foes

somewhere else are protected from the spell. Accordingly it is as yet considered a

single target spell. It is helpful in Boss battle for Bosses there isn’t

protection from flame however. Be that as it may, despite everything you have to point the spell, and

while do as such you can’t move.

Staff Spin Finisher – You should take in this expertise. At the point when your wizard Ancestral

Staff is updated, you can truly do some genuine harm with this aptitude.

Particularly valuable when combo with the Gem of Wind.

Jumpkick Finisher – Don’t get this. On the off chance that you simply need to see the impact,

Spare the diversion, contribute the focuses, give it a shot and reload the amusement.

Weapon Skill – You just need to boost the aptitude to employ your Ancestral

Staff. Alternate weapons are not that helpful.

Reinforcement Skill – If you had some awesome protection that you needed to wear, you can

take up that protection expertise. Be that as it may, close to the finish of the diversion, you will as it were

be wearing plate protection.

Note: At around Level 42, you would have learnt each aptitude.


The Cleric is very frail as I would like to think. His mending spell is minimal, his

run assault is very constrained. Toward the begin of the diversion, he needs bunches of

wellbeing elixirs just to remain alive. Close to the finish of the amusement, he is a fair

warrior. In the majority of the manager battle, he scarcely survives. In any case, in

multiplayer mode, his aptitudes are very helpful to the group. In this way, he is more

of a gathering character. I figured out how to finish the diversion with the Cleric however

the excursion isn’t smooth.

Mend – A convenient recuperating spell. Mend around 60 HP at Level 4. You can spare

some wellbeing elixirs when you cast this spell regularly. I generally set it as the

‘X’ catch.

Stick to Snakes – This is a range assault aptitude. Augment this when

conceivable. At level 4, there will be 5 noxious snakes for each throwing.

Turn Undead – This expertise is just barely helpful. Its energy is reliant

on the Charisma yet it does not merit putting any capacity point into

Mystique. At abnormal state, it does around 40+ harm and causes the undead to

flee. It takes a few throwing to slaughter those undead at the Bone

Necropolis. Raising Charisma will enhance the harm done yet I think it

will be a waste.

Bane – Could be helpful however I didn’t utilize it by any stretch of the imagination.

Bull Rush – This may be helpful on the off chance that you need to draw near to the foes.

Doing this move will give the Cleric a chance to charge forward and do fire harm.

In any case, you will tend to miss the objective more often than not.

Seismic tremor – This should be an intense spell that harms all the

adversaries around you. Be that as it may, it isn’t that valuable by any stretch of the imagination. When you do the

move, the priest will begin to swing his mallet on the ground gradually. In the event that he

is assaulted as of now, the spell is wiped out. In the event that the foes are as well

far away, the spell won’t hit them by any means.







You have to discover 5 Diamonds in the Metalworks. Precious stone #1 is appropriate in front

on a heap of coal. Precious stone #2 is further up, close to the exit to the Smelters.

Metalworks – Smelters

You will discover Diamond #3 amidst 4 columns. Soul Shard #11 is at

the highest point of the catwalk, you can’t achieve it yet. Proceed onward to the Cooling


Metalworks – Cooling Room

Keeps right and you will see some crates hindered an exit. Take the exit to

the Smelters. This will lead you to Soul Shard #11. Backpedal to the Cooling

Room after get the Soul Shade. There are fans here that you can crushed,

some of them will uncover mystery zone. Soul Shard #12 is inside one of such

zone. Precious stone #4 is amidst one of the scaffold here. How about we proceed onward

to the Die Cast.

Metalworks – Die Cast

Take the way to one side. You will discover Laundra in a pen. Get the mission

to discover the Cage Key. The Fire Giant Chieftain is close Laundra confine, overcome

it to get the Cage Key. Soul Shard #13 is on his position of authority. Discharge Laundra

what’s more, she will give you Diamond #5. You require every one of the 5 Diamond to open the entryway

to the Dragon’s Den. Spare your diversion first.

Metalworks – Dragon’s Den

By and by, a went assault is important to best this Boss. You can as it were

assault it when it landed. When flying, it can’t be assaulted. Ice-based

assaults do the most harm to it. Wear imperviousness to fire reinforcement and

embellishments. Get the Gem of Fire in the wake of crushing it.

In the event that you are utilizing a Rogue, there is a less demanding approach to vanquish the Red Dragon.

Simply stroll inside gradually. Once the activity begins, quit moving. Point

straight ahead and fire your bolts. This will murder it without the need to

confront it’s different assaults.

The Portals

The Gem of Fire opens the way to the Frostbound. One of the Rogues had a

mission to discover the Cask of Winter. Get the journey before continuing to the


The Frostbound – Ice Fields

A Sorceress requests that you vanquish the Frost Worm and obliterated her Ice Golems.

Soul Shard #14 is here, discover it. Likewise, the Ice Golems must be vanquished

before you leave this locale. In the event that you backpedal to the Castle Shoppe and came

back, they will recover and you need to battle them once more. Once

you had crushed each of the 20 Ice Golems, you can continue to the Barbarian Fort.

The Frostbound – Barbarian Fort

You can discover stepping stools prompting mystery range here. In one of them you will

discover Soul Shard #15, in another you will discover the Cask of Winters.

Restoring the Cask of Winters will gives you 10,000 experience focuses. Move

on to the Mountain Pass.

The Frostbound – Mountain Pass

In the place, it is fundamentally about pulling levers and opening entryways. Once

every one of the doors are open, you can get to the Frost Worm’s Lair.

The Frostbound – Frost Worm’s Lair

You will require an extended assault to bring down the Frost Worm. Endeavoring to do

skirmish assault with it will be troublesome. It will likewise send little worms to

assault you sometimes. When it is crushed, get the Gem of Ice. Return

Barrel of Winter in the event that you had not.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a Rogue, there is a less demanding approach to vanquish the Frost Worm.

Simply stroll inside gradually. Once the movement begins, quit moving. Point

straight ahead and fire your bolts. This will hit the Yrthak and execute it

without the need to confront it’s different assaults.

The Portals

Utilize the Gem of Ice to open the way deep down Necropolis. One of the

Rebels had a journey to restore the Horned Skull, get the mission some time recently

continuing deep down Necropolis.

Bone Necropolis – Lower Graveyard

Find and enact 5 levers to open the entryway to the Upper Graveyard.

Bone Necropolis – Upper Graveyard

There are a few traps that toss spells at you here. You have to move to the

area of the trap to debilitate it. There are 3 sanctuaries here: Nerull’s

Sanctuary, Wee Jas’ Temple and Vecna’s Temple. Visit each of them to get a

emblem. Small Jas’ Temple had a mystery room that contains Soul Shade #16.

Every one of the 3 emblems will open the room in the center. You will discover the

Passing’s Globe and the Bone Bell here. In a stay with a Horned Skull Altar,

you can restore the Horned Skull to finish the rebel’s mission. Come back to

the maverick later for your reward: a ring of recovery and 5000 experience

focuses. In one of the room, you will discover the Life’s Globe. Place the two

Globes on the Statue to open the path deep down Temple.

Bone Necropolis – Bone Temple

You should enact a weight plate on the left and conservative of

the sanctuary to open the entryway in the center. There is a mystery zone close to each

of the weight plate. Soul Shard #17 is inside one of them. Once past the

entryway in the center, utilize the Bone Bell to open the entryway prompting the Bone


Bone Necropolis – Bone Bridge

Search for the path to the exit to Lich’s Lair. Before entering the Lich’s

Sanctuary, back track and search for the left fork which prompts Soul Shard #18.

Bone Necropolis – Lich’s Lair

The Lich is hard to crush. It will summon skeletons to assault you and

cover up inside a globe of immunity. My essential technique is to do extended

assault until the point when he is down. On the off chance that you endeavor to get close it, it will cast a ring of

sword that will do loads of harm. In this way, remain away and assault from a remote place. Get

the Gem of Death.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a Rogue, there is a less demanding approach to overcome the Lich. Just

stroll inside gradually. Once the activity begins, quit moving. Point straight

ahead and fire your bolts. This will hit the Yrthak and murder it without

the need to confront it’s different assaults.

The Portals

You can get to the Shadow Keep from now onwards. Likewise, your Ancestral

Weapon can hold a Gem to use its energy. Press and hold the Right

Trigger, at that point select the Gem you need to utilize.

Here’s the impact of the different Gems when utilized with your Ancestral Weapon:

Wind – foes assaulted by this will turn in a minor tornado. When they

are in the tornado, you can securely slaughter them.

Fire – set adversaries ablaze.

Ice – solidify adversaries

Toxic substance – harm adversaries

Passing – empty life out of adversaries.

I discover the Wind Gem combo with a circle finisher the best procedure when

battling in short proximity. You can send numerous foes weakly turning

while you go up against the rest.

Shadow Keep – Shadow Keep

You have to search for levers here. Moving around, you will discover 2 ranges with

a gap. You have to flip a lever to turn on an extension with the goal that you can cross

the abyss. The levers to turn on the scaffolds are situated on the left and

conservative of a bolted entryway with a spare point in front. The left wing

area contains Soul Shard #19. Subsequent to intersection the 2 gorges and flip the

levers found there, the bolted entryway will open. Continue toward the East Grand


Shadow Keep – East Grand Hall

Move around until meet the Yuan-ti King. Seen that it is a square room

with 3 exits on each side. Shouldn’t something be said about the fourth side? All things considered, there is a

mystery zone there and you will discover Soul Shard #20. There are 2 ways out to

West Grand Hall, it’s doesn’t make a difference which way you pick.

Shadow Keep – West Grand Hall

Nothing here, just searches for a surrender with a Giant Spider. Thrashing it and

continue to Shadow Spire 1.

Shadow Keep – Shadow Spire 1

Proceed onward and overcome Kaedin once. Continue to Shadow Spire 2.

Shadow Keep – Shadow Spire 2

Battle Kaedin once more. He will transport away in the wake of taking some harm. Continue

to Shadow Spire 3.

Shadow Keep – Shadow Spire 3

At long last, the last fight with Kaedin. Utilize your Ancestral Weapon to vanquish

him. Watch the Gems showed adjacent to his HP bar. Select any of the Gems

recorded there and utilize skirmish assault on him. Assault him until the point that he keeps running of out

Pearls. Complete him off to see the end amusement.

You will be allowed to spare your diversion with the goal that you can import your

character in another amusement or multiplayer diversion.

Well done, you had finished the amusement!

– – – – –

6. Affirmation

– – – – –

Leona from BOB gathering [1].

soulforger90 (Scott Irwin) from GameFAQs D&D Heroes gathering [2].

Noiseless Bob

[email protected]

Quinton A. Buesching

Phil Knight

SuprAzn – Melee Rogue data.

James Oakes – Cleric methodology.

– – – – –

7. References

– – – – –

[1] http://www.bob.com.sg/gathering/

[2] http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/sheets/gentopic.asp?board=32798

[3] http://www.gamefaqs.com/reassure/xbox/code/32798.html

– – – – –

8. Update History

– – – – –

2.0 – 25 Sep 2007. Refresh Cleric technique from criticisms.

1.9 – 14 Jun 2007. Minor updates.

1.8 – 07 Nov 2004. Included information Rogue.

1.7 – 05 May 2004. Refresh email address.

1.6 – 25 Mar 2004. Refresh on Fighter.

1.5 – 13 Jan 2004. Refresh on Rogue and Fighter.

1.4 – 05 Jan 2004. Minor updates.

1.3 – 24 Dec 2003. Included the genuine giver of the Soul Shards list.

1.2 – 23 Dec 2003. Minor updates.

1.1 – 18 Dec 2003. Minor fixes.

1.0 – First form. 17 Dec 2003

(c) Copyright 2003-2007 by Lee Beng Hai.

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