Dead / Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball Xbox

Ending bonus:

Beat the sport and start a new one. Select the “Leave Tomorrow” option at the motel or pool menu to bypass to the finishing. You’ll also get two new songs.

Start with extra money:
This requires which you have DOA 3. Play Survival mode in DOA three with a man or woman that still appears in Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Save your game and start Xtreme Beach Volleyball with the identical individual. The extra wins you’ve got in Survival mode, the extra cash you’ll begin with in Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

Bathing Beauty Tip:

The women on the island tan quite nicely. They simplest tan while playing volleyball on a sunny seashore, however. They will now not tan whilst playing within the “jungle.” If you need your splendor to tan faster, buy a few suntan lotion from the Accessory Shop and observe it earlier than you play a recreation (do no longer placed it on while you’re again at the inn the night time earlier than, or its vain). If for some cause you don’t need your babe to tan, observe some sun block lotion (additionally purchased from the Accessory save) and observe it on the begin of the day (it lasts all day).

See-through fits:

Play as a lady with a obvious in shape. Equip a transparent visor as nicely. Go to the pool and permit your lady to put at the chair until the menu disappears. Move the camera so that you are searching on the female’s body through the visor. Stars censor out the risqué parts.

Thanks to Revolution readers Cornholio, Scott “GroZZleR” McCallum, Malcom Eddie, and Geoff Custer!

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