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Conan Exile:The Frozen North -The Best Armor Set & Weapon

So you’ve just embarked on your new Conan Exiles journey to The Frozen North. It’s a dangerous place out there, and not only will you need to craft to survive, but will want to acquire the most powerful items available.The Best Armor Set & Weapon

Thankfully, there’s a full set of armor and weapon with incredible stats that are available early on in the adventure. The set and weapon have the following stats:

  • Telith’s Lambert (Sword): HD 88, AP 19%
  • Silent Legion Boots: AV 13, KD 8
  • Silent Legion Gauntlets: AV 13, KD 8
  • Silent Legion Helmet: AV 27, KD 16
  • Silent Legion Pauldron: AV 47, KD 28
  • Silent Legion Tasset: AV 34, KD 20

To get started, simply head to the red dot seen in the map image below:

From that point, move to the highest point of the stairs and enter the sanctuary. You will likely work your way through this zone, which is furnished with a great deal of traps and smaller than expected riddles. Tread delicately.

You’ll know you’ve achieved your goal when you touch base in an extensive live with tall columns, and blazes at the base of each. At the inside is a dim foe with white gleaming eyes. This is a supervisor that you can battle immediately, or disregard in the event that you have shroud.

To get the defensive layer set and weapon formulas, circumvent the room tapping on the stones with gleaming blemishes on them. This is all that is required for you to create this unique set, called Silent Legion.

Presently, you may backpedal to the manager and execute him. Note that he has a gigantic wellbeing pool, however isn’t excessively testing. He will drop a heart, which is utilized as a feature of the formula.

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Conan Exile:The Frozen North -The Best Armor Set & Weapon
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