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How to Get the Shotgun (The Evil Within 2)

THE EVIL WITHIN 2 shotgun is a strong weapon and is a particular upgrade over your first pistol. Unlike some of the opposite weapons you will pick up along the way, shotgun ammo is surprisingly abundant, this means that you will want to get it as quickly as viable.

To obtain the shotgun, you’ll have to begin the first sidequest in the sport, though you don’t have to finish it. You can start the system of getting the weapon at some point of chapter 3, and we suggest you choose it up early.

The Evil Within 2: Starting the Quest to Get the Shotgun

The Evil Within 2 Market

Once you get to the first secure residence and go out lower back into the town, you may be able to use your communicator to lock onto resonances. The one with the woman crying is your number one goal, however there is any other you can choose up on with Mobius infantrymen talking. When you lock onto it, you can test your map for a inexperienced circle that indicates you where you want to head.

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Set a waypoint to your map and head closer to the green circle. Your high-quality bet is to stealth past the church and sneak behind the building close to your objective. The street in front of your destination, Krimson’s Supermarket, is flooded with The Lost and they are no longer worth tangling with but (though there is an notable item near them, it truly is for some other manual).

The Evil Within 2: Trailing the Mobius Soldiers

The Evil Within 2 322 Cedar Ave

Near a dumpster, you’ll see the shadowy shapes that suggest a Residual Memory. Pull out your communicator and music in and you may see the 2 Mobius officers communique. Once you have listened to wherein they may be going subsequent, you may get new inexperienced circles on your map. The nearer one to the northeast is where you want to move.

Once you arrive at the waypoint, you will locate yourself at a house at 322 Cedar Avenue. You’ll realize you are within the proper place whilst you see the useless Mobius officer on the walkway near the door. Enter the house and cross closer to the lower back until you reach a utility room. You’ll find a Residual Memory in there, and a trap door main to a computer. You can use this laptop to transport to The Marrow: Armory.

The Evil Within 2: Surviving the Armory and Finding the Sawed-Off ShotgunHow to Get the Shotgun (The Evil Within 2)

The Evil Within 2 Computer

Once you have entered the armory, you may exit the room right into a corridor with elevators on the stop. Near one of the lifts is an enemy, however despite the fact that she looks as if a popular Lost, she’s not. This is probable to be your first stumble upon with a Hysteric, and they’re plenty harder than normal foes. Your high-quality bet is to sneak up on her till you could make a stealth attack. This won’t take her out, but it’ll harm her. You can then take her down with some pistol shots.

Head through the door after which crouch down and input the hollow. On the opposite aspect, you may discover a door it’s locked with a wave puzzle. This is a pretty easy one to resolve. You just need to rotate the analog sticks (or equivalent controls) till the inexperienced wave strains up with the red one.

Once you solve the puzzle, you advantage get entry to to the armory. There are some beneficial gadgets in here, but the quality is inside the large case inside the corner. When you open it, you’ll locate the Sawed-Off-Shotgun. To depart The Morrow: Armory, all you need to do is retrace your steps (be cautious of latest enemies) and exit back to 322 Cedar Avenue via the pc.

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