The Evil Within 2

How Many Chapters & How Long To Beat It (The Evil Within 2)

The Evil Within 2 simply launched, and up to now evaluations were quite good. This recreation is split into chapters, similar to the authentic, although you could expect extra content this time round. It’s a larger recreation in many ways compared to the previous title, consisting of how lengthy it takes to finish. Below you could research what number of chapters The Evil Within 2 has and how much time it takes to beat.

The Evil Within 2 Review – Not What You Were Expecting

The Evil Within 2: How Many Chapters Are There?The Evil Within 2

Like the first game, The Evil Within 2 is divided into chapters. As you retain thru the main tale, each new segment highlights some new milestone you’ve completed or new area you have entered. There are 17 chapters in The Evil Within 2, even though no longer they all are of same length. Additionally, some of the side quests are so involved they could rightfully be chapters themselves.


  1. Into the Flame
  2. Something Not Quite Right
  3. Resonances
  4. Behind the Curtain
  5. Lying in Wait
  6. On the Hunt
  7. Lust for Art
  8. Premiere
  9. Another Evil
  10. Hidden from the Start
  11. Reconnecting
  12. Bottomless Pit
  13. Stronghold
  14. Burning the Altar
  15. The End of This World
  16. In Limbo
  17. A Way Out

The Evil Within 2: How Long Does it Take to Beat?

The time it takes to beat The Evil Within 2 can vary wildly. There are quite a few collectibles you can pick up and several multi-part sidequests you can complete. You’re also free to just ignore all the extra stuff and head right to the next story destination.

If you aim just to complete the plot missions, you’ll likely have a 15-20 hour playthrough.

If you’re looking to get all the collectibles and complete all the side missions, it’ll take you closer to 25-30 hours to beat The Evil Within 2.

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The Evil Within 2: How Many Chapters Are There?
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