All Coin & Pack Rewards, Rankings Explained & More(FIFA 18)

FIFA 18’s single participant Squad Battles are the big new addition to Ultimate Team this 12 months, and gamers who invest loads of time into the mode can anticipate to acquire the rewards.FIFA 18

The new function sees gamers going up in opposition to AI Ultimate Team squads, with a victory earning them points relative to their decided on issue level. The more points, the higher the participant’s rating, with this ranking determining the rewards they may take domestic.

Each day four new AI squads are equipped for gamers to take on, with these squads being recreations of existing teams inside the game created through real players, and hand-picked by means of the FIFA community. These four squads are refreshed after 24 hours, which guarantees that gamers can’t constantly grind the mode a good way to earn increasingly more factors — they’re alternatively restricted to four matches according to day, or 8 suits on Saturday and Sunday when the rival crew wide variety is expanded.

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After beating a team, gamers will see their ranking boom. This rating locations them in a selected percentile with a purpose to decide the rewards they will receive — for example, gamers who rank in the pinnacle 1% of players might earn more than folks that ranked inside the pinnacle 50% of players. There also are most important rewards for players who rank within the top 100 players, main as much as one hundred,000 coins together with 2 Ultimate Packs and a couple of Rare Mega Packs, which every have a high hazard of containing an high priced player or two.

The top tier of rewards is designated to Rank 1, the top player inside the international. Ranks 1 – 100 every consist of person gamers, with the Elite scores reserved for individuals who fall within a percentage of players outdoor of the top one hundred. Take a examine the reward for every rank underneath:


Rank 1: 100,000 coins, 2 Ultimate Packs, 2 Rare Mega Packs,

Rank 2 – 10: 87,500 coins, 1 Ultimate Pack, 2 Rare Players Packs

Rank 11 – 20: 75,000 coins, 2 Rare Players Packs, 1 Jumbo Rare Players Packs,

Rank 21 – 50: 65,000 coins, 1 Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 2 Mega Packs

Rank 51 – 100: 65,000 coins, 2 Mega Packs, 1 Rare Players Pack

Elite 1 (1% of all players): 39,800 coins, 2 Mega Packs

Elite 2 (4% of all players): 25,200 coins, 2 Mega Packs,

Elite 3 (9% of all players): 20,800 coins, 1 Rare Gold Pack, 1 Premium Gold Players Pack, 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Gold 1 (15% of all players): 12,400 coins, 1 Premium Gold Players Pack, 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 12,400 Coins

Gold 2 (27% of all players): 13,000 coins, 1 Premium Gold Players Pack, 1 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Gold 3 (39% of all players): 12,000 coins, 2 Jumbo Premium Gold Pack

Silver 1 (51% of all players): 10,900 coins, 2 Premium Gold Packs, 1 Gold Pack

Silver 2 (64% of all players): 4,850 coins, 2 Gold Packs, 1 Premium Gold Pack

Silver 3 (79% of all players): 2,000 coins, 2 Gold Packs

Bronze 1 (86% of all players): 1,150 coins, 1 Silver Pack, 1 Gold Pack

Bronze 2 (93% of all players): 1 Ultimate Loan Player Reward Pack

Bronze 3 (100% of all players): 2 Premium Loan Player Reward Pack


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