The Evil Within 2 Door B-34 Keypad

How to Find the Union Security Card Location (The Evil Within 2)

The UNION SECURITY CARD is a key item in THE EVIL WITHIN 2 so one can assist you to generate the door codes to access positive comfy regions. It unlocks a couple of door in the sport, but the first code (and the one likely to get you caught) you want is for door B-34 in the automobile restore save underground.

Below we’re going to show you the region of the Union Security Card, and the way to use it to generate door codes.

The Evil Within 2: How to Find the Union Security Card Location

The Evil Within 2 Map Auto Shop

To get the cardboard, you may need to visit Union Auto Repair, which is in the north a part of the map. The first-rate time to do this is while you’re working on the Rogue Signal side venture, as that is one of the locations you’ll must go to in that quest.

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Once you’re making it inside the restore shop, you could get the Residual Memory in the again workplace. Nearby may be a fuse box you’ll want to use to repair power to the region.


The Evil Within 2 Auto Garage Power Switch Puzzle Solution

This is not plenty of a puzzle; you simply need to fill the row of lighting with the aid of flipping switches. Each transfer turns on a hard and fast amount of lighting fixtures, and you have to activate precisely the number of bulbs which might be on the panel. If you go over, the entirety resets.

SOLUTION: Flip switch 2 to light six bulbs, after which hit switch four to illuminate the final four.

Hang out for a second after completing the puzzle due to the fact there may be a Hysteric in order to stroll into the imperative a part of the garage once the energy comes on. Your best guess is to perform a sneak assault on her then some brief shotgun blasts to put her down.

Once the Hysteric has calmed down, use the panel close to the automobile to elevate the hydraulic carry. This will display the hatch to the underground passageway.

Once underground, follow the passage to get some other Residual Memory and crouch down and pass under the metal beam. There is a corpse of a Mobius soldier within the next corridor near a fence with a group of indignant Lost. You can choose up the Union Security Card off this dead frame (be careful for a Lost right after you do).

The Evil Within 2: How to Use the Union Security Card to Get the B-34 Door Code

The Evil Within 2 Door B-34 Keypad

Right subsequent to where you locate the card is a door with “B-34” stenciled on it. If you take a look at the Union Security Card, you will note that there isn’t always a magnetic strip or any conventional approach of unlocking to be had. Instead, it has a grid of numbers revealed on it. It’s this grid so one can assist you to discern out the passcode for door B-34.

Take a have a look at the keypad beside the door, and you may enter a code. Your card will even pop up beside the pad so that you can discern out the keycode. Since this is door B-34, you want to look in column B and combine the numbers from rows 3 and 4. Row B-3 offers you ninety six, and row B-4 gives you 76. Put these collectively and input “9676” into the keypad to release the door.

You can use the equal technique used here to discern out different keycode locked doorways throughout the sport.

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