Wolfenstein 2 Weapons

Wolfenstein 2 Weapons: Best Upgrades & Guns Locations

In WOLFENSTEIN 2: THE NEW COLOSSUS you may get an arsenal of weapons to defeat the Nazi hordes which have invaded America. Each of them has its uses and set of adjustments and enhancements to can help you mow down your enemy more efficaciously. You’ll progressively find these guns during the game, and each one in every of them allows for brand spanking new strategies and strategies. Below we’ve got indexed all of the guns in Wolfenstein 2, wherein you could find them, and what the exceptional improvements to pick out are.

Wolfenstein 2 Weapon List: All Locations and Upgrades

There are varieties of weapons in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. There are the guns you get to pick up and hold, which you could switch between at will. There are also Heavy Weapons, which you’ll discover connected to turrets and from strong enemies. This first segment will cowl the small hands that you may use during the sport.

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The Pistole is the usual-problem handgun for Nazi commanders. This handgun is respectable for close-variety paintings, but it is high-quality used for silent takedowns while prepared with a silencer.


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The silenced pistol is the best gun in the game this is conducive to stealth. On all normal enemies, a unmarried shot to the head is an immediately kill with the suppressed Pistole, and loads of sections in the sport are a lot simpler whilst you’re capable of sneak round.


Magnum: The Magnum improve will increase the damage of the Pistole. The alternate-off is that draw back is accelerated and the file is louder. This may be used whilst the gun is silenced.
Extended Magazine: This improve allows you to carry more rounds according to magazine. Since you’re in all likelihood going to be the use of the Pistole for its suppressor, if you want greater bullets your cowl might be blown, and you are higher off switching to a special gun.

The Sturmgewehr is used by elite Nazi infantrymen and is best for medium to long range combating.The Storm Rifle, or Assault Rifle as it’s known as in English, goes to be your number one lengthy-range firearm in Wolfenstein 2, and could likely be considered one of your maximum used weapons.


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You do not have a dedicated marksman rifle in The New Colossus, so that you’ll want to get the Marksman Scope improve for the Sturmgewehr as quickly as viable. When geared up, this scope turns the attack rifle into a unmarried-shot weapon and helps you to zoom in for more precise kills. Without this scope, you are going to find yourself at a excessive drawback while preventing enemies at lengthy-range.


Armor Piercing: This will make the Sturmgewehr’s rounds pierce armor greater comfortably in addition to thin sheets of metallic. This makes the assault rifle a great deal more powerful towards armored Nazi soldiers and robots.
Jungle Magazine: This improve tapes Sturmgewehr magazines collectively and permits Blazkowicz to reload the weapon nearly right now, effectively making the weapon load 60 rounds at a time rather than 30.


This sub-device gun is the maximum common weapon in the sport and is best very useful inside the initial degrees of the sport. The Maschinenpistole is used by the rank-and-document Nazi infantrymen and is the second weakest weapon behind the Pistole. It does have a high charge-of-hearth even though, and some of its enhancements help keep it possible.


You start the game with this weapon.


The Drum Magazine increases the Maschinenpistole’s mag capability from 45 to ninety. When you twin-wield these puppies, you can spray bullets for what seems like an eternity earlier than having to reload. The Drum Magazine makes this a beneficial weapon for crowd-manage and faucets into the Maschinenpistole’s largest strength: excessive rate-of-fireplace.


Nailgun: This upgrade heats up the Maschinenpistole’s rounds earlier than they leave the gun, which offers them more harm at the price of a lower charge-of-hearth. This upgrade does not sincerely make the bullets sturdy sufficient to make the Maschinenpistole a powerhouse, however it may be useful while twin-wielding.
Integral Suppressor: This allows the Maschinenpistole to fireplace without enemies listening to it. It sounds cool in concept, but in exercise, the precision of the Pistole with Suppressor makes for a better silenced weapon.


The Schockhammer is a triple-barreled automatic shotgun that is unbeatable at near-range works. Not only does this beast of a weapon take down Nazis fast, however it additionally has a risk to dismember them. If you need a room cleared, dual-wielding those shotguns lets you create a hurricane of metallic on the way to devastate any who oppose you. At medium-to-long variety although, the Schockhammer is nearly vain.


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The Ricochet upgrade makes the shot from every of the Schockhammer’s shells jump off of difficult surfaces. The unfold of the shot is so wide that a great deal of the force of every shell is wasted unless your target is at extremely near variety, however with the Ricochet upgrade, you could make every round remember for lots extra.


Rotor: The Rotor improve for the Schockhammer permits you to fire all three barrels at once in one large blast. The disadvantage is that your charge-of-fireplace decreases and you will use up ammunition loads faster.
Extended Magazine: You can double the number of rounds your shotgun can keep at once with this improve. It can come in handy, especially when paired with the Rotor improve, but few enemies can get up to the quantity of shots even the standard mag can maintain.

This single-shot mini-grenade launcher is set as near a rocket launcher as you’re going to get in Wolfenstein 2. It leaves loads to be desired. The grenades soar everywhere in the area, and though they can be useful for casting off enemies round corners, or small groups of soldiers, the Kampfpistole would not emerge as simply useful till it receives the Rocket improve.


Roswell Oberkommando, Inside a Control Booth containing a Nazi Commander.


With this improve, the Kampfpistole becomes a mini-RPG launcher and gains a lot more application. These small rockets are reasonably effective and are powerful at long-range. They’re useful against armored objectives and organics alike and might get you out of some tight spots.


Shoulder Stock: This upgrade is mainly vain. It eliminates balk whilst firing, but on the grounds that it’s a unmarried shot weapon, draw back throwing you off track isn’t always a subject considering you need to reload after each round.
Spring Loader: This may be quite cool whilst paired with the Rocket upgrade. When the usage of this, you can fee for a brief-bit by protecting the trigger. When you launch, you will fireplace 3 short shots in a row. It’s a bit wasteful, however numerous a laugh.


This laser rifle can do more than just kill Nazis. You’ll have to use it to melt via sure doors, grates, and bins during the sport. It makes use of energy as ammo, so that you’ll have to reload it thru a wall charger, or from batteries scattered approximately some degrees. It’s a powerful gun towards armored objectives, and one-hit kills many enemies in the game. You’ll best get this gun if making a decision to store Fergus as opposed to Wyatt.


Eva’s Hammer U-Boat (Fergus Campaign Only)


The Laserkraftwerk can advantage the potential to supercharge its laser which deals large damage to an enemy. You’ll need this improve to take down Super Soldiers and other large mechanical enemies.


Battery Upgrade: The Laserkraftwerk drains energy quite fast, specially when you’re the use of the Supercharge upgrade. This new battery doubles your electricity potential.
Scope: The laser rifle is pretty unique, and may be used as a sniper rifle. However, you’re better off simply sticking with the Sturmgewehr for long-range combat.


You get this weapon if you select to store Wyatt in preference to Fergus. It fires diesel canisters that can either blow up on impact or be used as sticky far off bombs. It’s my favored of the 2 elective guns and adds some plenty wanted explosive pressure in your arsenal.


Eva’s Hammer U-Boat (Wyatt Campaign Only)


The Dieselkraftwerk is already powerful, so your satisfactory guess while you upgrade is simply to feature the functionality to fire more pictures.


Ignition Muzzle: This improve ignites the diesel as soon as you fireplace which adds an improved opportunity to set enemies on fireplace.
Supercharge: When you Supercharge the Dieselkraftwork you may hearth five canisters immediately. However, it is pretty wasteful and vague.


The hand grenades in Wolfenstein 2 are underpowered and absence accuracy. Their blast radius is laughable, and you’ll probable forget about that they exist because they’re not very useful. However, when upgraded, they are able to advantage a few particular houses.


Manhattan Docks


Electromagnetic grenades will disable any electronics in their blast radius. This is awesome against the quick-shifting robots that grow to be a huge ache while encountered in numbers.


Fragmentation: Frag grenades eject excessive-speed steel fragments which can be very effective towards natural enemies.
Diesel: With the Diesel improve your grenades will reason a extensive-spread fireplace that’s top notch for bunched up weaker enemies.
Wolfenstein 2 Heavy Weapons

The New Colossus’s heavy weapons can not be added for your stock or upgraded, however are a number of the most powerful in the game.


The Lasergewehr fires a very powerful beam that may melt skinny sheets of metal and vaporize weaker enemies. If you maintain L2 or the Left Trigger you may hold the weapon spinning so you can immediately fireplace.


This weapon is a scaled up model of the Dieselkraftwerk. It fires diesel canisters in threes that explode and set enemies ablaze.


If you ever desired a shotgun that behaved like a minigun, this is your gun. The primary fireplace button fires shotgun shells in twos, however if you hold down the purpose button and hearth it becomes a machine gun that shoots shotgun blasts.


This gun only begins to appear in the final levels of the sport, or even then just in small numbers. The Übergewehr is the BFG of Wolfenstein 2. It fires a projectile that expands into a sphere that obliterated whatever around it. After several seconds the field detonates, doing excessive harm to something inside the blast radius.

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