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Wolfenstein 2 Feed Rosa Side Mission

In WOLFENSTEIN 2: THE NEW COLOSSUS you could choose up facet missions on Eva’s Hammer while you’re between fundamental quests. One of the primary ones you may get includes a pig named Rosa that is placed in a room proper across from Bombate’s quarters. Below is a way to trigger the venture and the way to feed Rosa the Pig.

How to Get the Feed Rosa Side Mission in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

The first time you may get the Feed Rosa Side Mission is proper after you are taking back your U-Boat. Once you advantage manage of Blazkowicz, you will receive the principle mission “A Reunion,” and you will be tasked to visit Set.

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From B.J. And Anya’s room, take a disregarded the door and then your first proper. At the primary room for your left, you may locate Bombate speakme to Max Hoss about how the resistance is maintaining the pig for slaughter and that they’re walking out of food to offer her.

How to Find the Potatoes to Feed Rosa in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus

Max Hoss is disenchanted approximately Bombate’s plan due to the fact he and Rosa the Pig are buddies, so that you’ll want to discover some potatoes to feed her. To get the potatoes you will want to visit the Cantina.

To get to the Cantina, keep down the equal corridor you used to get to Rosa’s room and while you attain the huge open place on the center of the submarine take a proper and head directly. You’ll want to maintain going till you bypass the large raise and notice a sign that asserts Cantina. Once you are thru that door, head left after which make a direct proper and you’re there.

Once in the Cantina, head closer to the right and go up the steps to reach another corridor. Hang a left, and you will find a small storage vicinity with sacks of potatoes. Pick some of the potatoes up and head returned to Rosa the Pig to finish the aspect task.

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