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How to Tame Animals to Fight for You (Assassin’s Creed Origins Solution)

Another center Ubisoft franchise – Far Cry – helps you to tame and mount numerous animals. ASSASSIN’S CREED ORIGINS takes a page from Far Cry, and lets you enjoy animal husbandry in your heart’s content in ancient Egypt. Main character Bayek is able to tame many specific animals that you come upon throughout the large open-global map, not even along with his eagle partner Senu.

From tigers to hippos to lions, there are a slew of numerous animals for you to befriend and even be a part of you in combat. Unfortunately, you are not able to tame animals right from the begin. You are only capable of do it via acquiring the perfect talents – yes, multiple is important – through Bayek’s capability tree.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to Unlock the Tame Animals Ability

Go to your menu
Navigate to the Abilities tab
Unlock Dawn & Dusk beneath Seer segment (needless for this capability but necessary for getting access to the desired ones)
Then unencumber the Sleep Darts ability
Then maintain to unencumber abilties till you can get Animal Taming for three points. It’s located just before the Master Seer capability
Assassin’s Creed Origins: How to Tame Animals to Fight Alongside You

Assassin’s Creed Origins

With the desired skills unlocked, you’re now able to tame an animal of your choosing. Since the drowsing darts talent is a prerequisite for taming animals, it’s far important which you have it geared up to your D-Pad. When you come across an animal you need to tame, they have to be asleep earlier than you can efficaciously do it.

With the sleep darts, you may shoot them on the animal and force it into sleep mode. Once asleep, walk up to the innocently drowsing creature and press triangle or Y (relying for your controller) to tame it. It will now join you for your journey and combat enemies for you.

We propose using this talent while attacking fortresses in Origins. Occasionally, you may see caged animals in those heavily guarded and opposed regions. You can positioned them to sleep, tame them, damage open the cage, and allow them to wreck havoc on all of the unsuspecting soldiers whilst you quietly cross about your business finishing your objective or assassinating your target.

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