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How to Marry or Divorce Your Favorite Person

Stardew Valley lets you now not only turn your very personal farm into something you need, however also, marry your preferred waifu or husbando on the town. The sport doesn’t explicitly kingdom the way to do it and in which to get everything you need, which is where we are available in. Before we cross any further, though, here are all the men and women on the town that you could date and/or marry:


  • Abigail
  • Alex
  • Elliot
  • Emily (added in Patch 1.1)
  • Haley
  • Harvey
  • Leah
  • Maru
  • Penny
  • Sam
  • Sebastian
  • Shane (added in Patch 1.1)

Alternatively, you may find out who’s marriage fabric by going for your menu, then the 0.33 tab with the coronary heart, and discover the humans that say “single” below their names. Marriage in Stardew Valley starts with relationship them first. To do that, you want a total of eight (of 10) friendship hearts with them. You are allowed thus far and marry absolutely everyone regardless of gender.


Hearts may be gained thru giving presents, completing requests for them, and honestly chatting with them each day. You can deliver two presents to every capacity partner every week. Making sure to offer them presents they love or like twice every week with neither at the identical day will advantage you hearts quite unexpectedly. At 4 hearts or extra, you may invite someone to dance with you at the dance competition in Spring.

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Stardew Valley Guide: How to Date and Marry Someone

Once you have got reached 8 hearts with your preferred townsperson, you’ll get a notification that you can now purchase a bouquet. You can buy it for 200 gold from Pierre’s trendy shop and give it to a person to show them into your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Continue elevating hearts to the max of 10 and then you are able to marry them. To do that, you want to offer your accomplice a Mermaid’s Pendant. You can purchase this for 5,000 gold from the Old Mariner on the seaside east of the damaged bridge. You need to repair the bridge using three hundred wooden and look forward to a wet day to be able to purchase the Mermaid’s Pendant.

Upon giving the pendant on your accomplice, you may have the marriage ceremony 3 days after the notion. You do have to have your property upgraded once earlier than they may circulate in with you.

Stardew Valley Guide: How to Divorce Your Spouse

Sometimes love and attraction begins to vanish away. You may additionally hold gambling Stardew Valley handiest to discover that you don’t feel the identical manner about your partner as you probably did again inside the first couple of years. Thankfully, there’s the choice to divorce your partner in the game.

To do that, you should visit Mayor Lewis’Stardew Valley Guide How to Divorce Your Spouse 1 house and discover a small e-book there. Interacting with it will give you the choice to divorce your companion for fifty,000 gold. Upon submitting for divorce, you’ve got till the cease of the day to alternate your thoughts before it’s miles finalized. Your ex-spouse will now have the phrases “ex” beneath their name and their hearts will return to 0. Any kids that you two have had will continue to be with you at the farm.

From there, you could start dating and marrying a person new. If you ever feel the longing for your ex-partner, you could visit the Witch’s Hut and pay 30,000 gold for the Witch to erase their memories of your marriage to them entirely. This allows you to re-date and remarry them have to you so choose. Stardew Valley Guide How to Divorce Your Spouse 1

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