How to Commend a Soldier in CoD WW2

How to Complete This Order in Call of Duty WW2

You’ll need to COMMEND A SOLDIER IN COD WW2 to finish one of the first orders available to you. In Call of Duty WW2, you can be issued each day, and weekly goals referred to as orders to earn deliver drops, armory tokens, and XP boosts. Among the initial dreams to be had to you in Call of Duty WW2 tells you to “Commend a Fellow Soldier.” Unfortunately, gamers are having troubles finishing this project.

Read on below to figure out the way to commend a soldier in CoD WW2 and why finishing it is probably impossible right now.

How to Commend a Soldier in CoD WW2How to Commend a Soldier in CoD WW2

Under ordinary instances, this would be one of the maximum honest orders to complete in the sport. Usually, all you need to do is load into your headquarters in Call of Duty WW2 multiplayer and technique another player.

When you are near enough to someone else within the HQ, you will get a button set off, and it’s going to assist you to access the individual player social menu. One of the alternatives in this listing is “Commend Player” which is a way to allow any other soldier recognize you think they have got finished a difficult venture, or performed properly.

Call of Duty WW2 Headquarters Empty: Where is Everyone Else in CoD WW2?

Why Can’t I Commend a Fellow Soldier In Call of Duty WW2

There were many troubles with the Call of Duty WW2 servers because the sport launched, and it seems like that is meditated in Headquarters mode as properly. When CoD WW2 first launched the HQ mode worked as intended, and there have been a ton of people to hang around with. However, it seems like in all likelihood due to server stress, Activision has briefly disabled Headquarters matchmaking. This manner it is probable that as of the time of writing while you enter your HQ you are now not going to have any employer.

Without any other players in Headquarters mode with you, the “Commend a Fellow Soldier” order can’t be finished. The simplest region in which you can commend players to your HQ, so it is probably great to desert this goal until the mode receives constant and wish it pops returned up within the orders queue.

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How to Complete This Order in Call of Duty WW2
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