Elex Legendary Items Solution

Elex Legendary Items Solution: Where to Find All Legendary Weapons

In ELEX, there are a ton of weapons, armor, and loot to find across the world of Magalan. Being that the game revolves around the duality of fantastical elements like magic and superior technology, there also are many specific categories of guns and armor to utilize for your adventure.

Borrowing from the fable aspect of factors, there are bows and swords along the extra superior laser weapons and traditional weapons. With so many options to pick out from, it’s miles best right which you are capable of find hundreds of loot scattered profusely at some stage in the environments in Elex.

Of the objects ready to be located, there are manifestly a few which are higher than others. But the cream of the crop are the mythical items in Elex. These legendary guns and armor are the best of the satisfactory, supplying you with the strongest stats around. Even if you have no use for a selected item as it isn’t always your standard playstyle, it’s far nevertheless extraordinarily precious and can be sold for a big quantity of elexit forex.

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Elex Guide: Where to Find All Legendary Weapons and Armor

There are only six mythical gadgets to be located within the entire sport. Here are all six of them.

ARCHON’S MIGHT: This strength weapon is determined in The Claw’s hideout. The hideout is located beneath the Domed City. The easiest way to access this powerful weapon is at some stage in the “A Strange Mechanism” quest. Once inside the hideout, Archon’s Might is observed quite easily because it laying proper on pinnacle of one of the tables.

CALAAN’S BULWARK: First, you need to go to The Hort, the house city of The Clerics. From there, visit the Cathedral, that’s the headquarters for The Clerics. It is in there hanging on one of the partitions. Unfortunately, taking this one-of-a-type defend is taken into consideration theft, so you must do it when nobody is round to witness.

IGNIS ARTIFEX: The easiest manner to discover this hearth elemental two-exceeded sword is even as you are doing the “Harvest Time” quest. Near the Hotel Ruins of Goliet is an island. Travel to it and near the center of the island is a hollow in the ground. Enemies are close by, so be careful for them before jumping down the hole to find the sword caught in a rock similar to Excalibur.

THE PHANTOM STRING: Travel to the village of Origin it is nestled in the mountains near the border of Abessa and Edan. Once inside the village, climb the tower to the pinnacle and you’ll discover this bow up there.

THE REDEEMER: This strength weapon is by way of some distance the most challenging to acquire, because of its place and powerful close by enemies. Travel to the Converter in Northern Abessa. It is positioned at the roof of it. You can get entry to the roof by using the Converter’s lifts. Once you get to the factor wherein there aren’t any greater lifts, you have to use your jetpack to get right of entry to the real roof itself.

THUNDERCLAP: This is a powerful rifle which can handiest be discovered inside the home of The Outlaws: The Fort. It is hidden inner Duke’s Bunker in the secret stash of Duke Logan. The room it’s miles placed in is guarded for the duration of the day, so that you have two selections: kill the defend throughout the day or wait to sneak in at night. The gun is positioned on the properly-hidden balcony of that room.

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