Battlefront 2 Hero List

The Battlefront 2 Campaign is the Best Star Wars Story in Gaming

We’ve also included a rundown of every available special trooper below:

  • Death Trooper
  • Wookiee Warrior
  • B2 Super Battle Droid
  • Frametrooper
  • Rocket Jumper
  • Rocket Trooper
  • Ket Trooper
  • B2-RP Rocket Droid
  • Rocket Trooper (Alternative)

Unlike DICE’s original Star Wars Battlefront, which saw players being able to play as a hero or villain by picking up a token located on the map, in Battlefront 2 players can gain access to heroes as they progress through a match by way of earning points. Additionally, certain heroes can only be unlocked after spending credits on them, with top-tier heroes such as Vader currently available for a costly 60,000 credits.


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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Heroes & Villains List
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