Call of Duty WW2

How to Get Sharpshooter Medals in CoD WW2

Collecting Call of Duty WW2 sharpshooter medals unlocks a fab calling card to permit everybody know you’re a great sniper (or you’ve got simply played a without a doubt long time). There’s a large risk, although, that you could have been sniping in CoD WW2 for a while now and now not earned a single sharpshooter badge. So what offers? It turns out you have to kill enemies in a specific manner to definitely receive a sharpshooter award, and except you’ve got your soldier set up proper, you are no longer going to get them regardless of what number of headshots you get
In Call of Duty WW2, you earn a sharpshooter medal for getting a kill even as looking through your scope and the usage of cognizance (maintaining your breath). If you play like me though, you could now not be the usage of the right loadout to get the badges.

I usually use a sniper rifle as a secondary for my Infantry Division loadout by way of using the Rifleman Basic Training perk. I observed while searching through my venture calling playing cards that I hadn’t unlocked those you want sharpshooter medals for. I realized the purpose behind this is that you can handiest use awareness (retaining your breath) whilst you’re playing as a Mountain Division soldier. It’s certainly one of that magnificence’s unique perks.

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How to Get the Marksmanship Badge as a Sniper in Call of Duty WW2
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