Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Hardcore Easter Egg Solution

How to Defeat Panzermorder & Unlock Fireworks Achievement

Before we go any similarly, it is worth citing some important notes. The real ending is – as the name indicates – tons extra hardcore than the casual finishing. Due to this, we best propose the most assured and professional gamers try to obtain this. While it’s miles possible to solo it, we nonetheless propose using a full celebration of 4, because it will make your life lots less difficult.

The different crucial thing to notice is it is largely a requirement from us which you have completed the informal mode. Hardcore Nazi Zombies is much like the authentic and is finished alongside the informal Easter Egg quest, so we are able to reference many steps from our different manual. Check it out right here if you need a refresher. Without in addition ado, let’s bash some hardcore Nazi zombies.

To even get admission to the authentic ending, you need to have all four elemental Tesla Gun variations – Midnight, Hurricane, Reaper, and Bloodthirst – with ideally one on all people to your birthday party.

With the ones upgraded Tesla Guns, visit Riverside’s outer wall and engage with the rooster climate-vane on pinnacle of the wall there. It will factor in a particular path with a glowing light.

Go down to the docks entrance through the Sewers and shoot the uncovered wires at the water wheel with most effective an upgraded Tesla Gun. This will restore strength to the Pub.

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Hardcore Easter Egg Guide: How to Solve the Enigma Puzzle

This will release three certainly tough to see “tops” – you recognize the ones little spinning toys – which you ought to shoot after which accumulate from any of the ten randomly spawning locations. They can be located on the rooftops of Riverside, Town Square, Pub, Courtyard, and Village Entrance. If you want help, test out this video by means of NoahJ456.
With three tops to your possession, visit the bunker door within the Village Square. There is a toy show container to the proper of it. Insert all 3 tops into the clean spaces.
Go to any of the zombie spawning windows within the aforementioned locations to locate the enigma machines that fit the red, green, and yellow tops. There are 3 with numbers on them and it’s miles randomized. You do not want to discover all 3, as it’s miles very feasible to virtually wager the other range or .
Input the numbers for each of the three tops at the display window and it’ll release the document. Grab the record and area it at the document player inside the Pub.
Reset the electricity via flipping the switches inside the Laboratory, Morgue, and the Command Room to the right of the Salt Mines entrance.
Shoot the wires that divulge heart’s contents to the left of the 1/3 switch with an upgraded Tesla Gun.
Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Hardcore Easter Egg Guide: How to Unlock the Red Talon Sword

For this part, you need a Burner zombie’s head. While the lights are off, go to the metal panels on the wall to the left of the stairs to each the Laboratory and Morgue. Shine the zombie’s head – goal down the sights – on each panels to show some bloodstains. Now, anticipate the electricity to come back returned on.
Go to lower back to each panels and flip the dial until you spot a sparkling blue stain. Collect the 1/2-discs from both panels and go back to the Emperor’s Chamber.
Insert the discs into the small circle under the hilt of the sword.
With the Red Talon sword, go back to the Pub and pay attention to the file player you messed with in advance. A timer will begin that ends with the tune. You ought to kill a massive quantity of zombies – anywhere from 30-50 – near the file player with only the sword to fee the report participant.

Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Hardcore Easter Egg Guide: How to Unlock the Second Voice of God

The document will play backwards. Listen very carefully, as the (creepy) music it plays could have four fundamental pauses. During every of the 4 pauses, listen to how many clicks it makes and that could be a number for the subsequent code. Figure out the clicks for all four pauses to recognize the 4-digit code.
Return to the Emperor’s Chamber. At this factor, you need to have completed our casual Easter Egg manual all the manner up until the point where you shoot the sword hilt with the Tesla Guns to prompt the final warfare. Do not shoot the sword hilt simply yet.
Input the code you located into the Voice of God among the two palms starting from left to proper.
Shoot the chandelier above the hilt with all 4 upgraded Tesla Guns.
Call of Duty WW2 Zombies Hardcore Easter Egg Guide: How to Unlock the True Ending and Dark Reunion Achievement

At this factor, strength will float from the chandelier down into the sword hilt. Like the casual Easter Egg quest, shoot the hilt along with your Tesla Guns.

Now, collect the sword hilt to set off the boss fight with Panzermorder.
This fight is the precise equal because the informal Easter Egg model, so test here if you want assistance. Simply shoot, collect, and plant them on the shocked Panzermorder like before.
Once you’ve carried out that three times, you will defeat Panzermorder. This will unencumber the authentic ending cutscene that’s distinctive from the casual Easter Egg one, and you may free up the Dark Reunion achievement/trophy.

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How to Defeat Panzermorder & Unlock Fireworks Achievement
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