CoD WW2 Firing Range: Third Sequence

All Three Secret Targets in Call of Duty WW2

Finding Easter Eggs in CALL OF DUTY WW2 is a lot of a laugh, and players are still uncovering new ones. If you have visible the FIRING RANGE in Headquarters mode, you’ll know it seems like a notable vicinity to seek for SECRETS. To discover the secrets and techniques although, you’ll ought to shoot objectives inside the CoD WW2 firing variety in a specific sequence.

Below you may discover all 3 firing variety sequences, what order you want to shoot the goals, and what happens when you get it right.

CoD WW2 Firing Range: First SequenceCoD WW2 Firing Range: Third Sequence

The first series on the Call of Duty WW2 HQ firing range will have you taking pictures some hidden watermelons. Execute the stairs under to locate the melons:

In the front left, you’ll see small white goals with a black outer ring in two units of six.
Shoot each of the six goals, and you will be aware greater objectives will pop up.
Shoot those targets and some greater will seem.
Once you shoot the ones, the watermelons will come out.
CoD WW2 Firing Range: Second Sequence

This time you’ll be aiming at targets which are connected to the sniper tower. You’ll want to equip a sniper rifle for this one and probably bring a chum.

Shoot the six targets on the sniper tower.
Right after you shoot the 6th goal two guy-fashioned targets will pop up inside the tower. Shoot them.
After that 3 targets will appear which flow left to proper.
You need to hit the two enemy objectives without hanging the pleasant target.
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CoD WW2 Firing Range: Third Sequence

The last collection is hard to do solo. You’ll be capturing clay pigeons, and it genuinely enables to have some pals in this one.

Shoot the four guy-formed targets inside the middle of the firing range.
Shoot the next three man-fashioned targets that appear.
Shoot the 1/3 set of four guy-fashioned goals that pop up.
Shoot the unmarried guy-formed goal that shows up subsequent.
As quickly as you hit the unmarried man-fashioned goal, a unmarried clay pigeon will fly over the variety. Shoot it.
Next, there might be clay pigeons released. Shoot them.
Finally, three clay pigeons will make their flight. Shoot them to finish this collection.
Unfortunately, there’s no large praise for completing the CoD WW2 firing range sequences. You get a few XP, and it brings you a step closer to getting a calling card.

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